Porphyry with natural surface from Porfidi Italia 2000 Company

Porphyry with natural surface.

Name of stone: porfido piano cava, porphyry with natural surface

Stone type: porfido / porphyry

Color: mix, or selected in mix grey or mix red

Quarry location: Trento, Italy.

Porphyry with natural surface.

Description of the stone: Porphyry stone is a natural volcanic effusive stone consisting of large-grained crystals such as feldspar or quartz dispersed in a fine-grained groundmass. In nature there are porphyry deposits with stratified porphyry and deposits formed by blocks.
Stratified quarries are formed by vertical clefts due to special conditions of its creation millions of years ago. In this type of deposits, the cooling of the magma was very fast and then emphasized by subsequent tectonic movements that conditioned both the colour and the natural splitting in slabs. This geological feature allows to obtain products with naturally smooth surfaces without particular treatments of the surface (porphyry with natural surface). To obtain the final products, sides are split or sawn. Infiltration of different oxides between layers given to porphyry a natural mix coloration that includes red, brown, grey, violet, pink, yellow, gold and rust. Porphyry with natural surface has therefore a mix colour and, on request, it is possible to select the tone mix grey or mix red.

Porphyry with natural surface.

Peculiarities of the stone: Resistant to frost and acid, tolerates high level of stress, anti-slip surface

Application:suitable for external claddings, floors, staircases, as well as any other building component

Porphyry with natural surface.

Products: cubes, tiles, crazy paving, setts, stairs, kerbs

Finishes: natural surface. Sides: sawn or split

Company: Porfidi Italia 2000 is an Italian company specialized in working of Porphyry. It is a family business with quarry of property in Trento-Italy, that follows all the production stages. It is specialized in production of the traditional products such as cubes, tiles and steps, but also of cut-to-sizes, and offers to customers a wide range of porphyry colours.

Contact: Via del Porfido 73, 38121 Trento -Italy
Tel +39 (0)461 992 811
Fax +39 (0)461 959 168

Porphyry with natural surface.Porphyry with natural surface.

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