KRASTAL MARBLE with light grey-white to bluish-grey tones and high dimensional stability, from German Lauster Steinbau company

Krastal Marble, polished.Krastal Marble dark, polished.

Name of the stone: Krastal Marble

Stone type: marble

Color: light grey-white to bluish-grey

Structure: homogenous, medium-grained

Quarry location: Krastal in the village of Treffen close to Villach (Carinthia), Austria

Description of the stone: A very dense crystalline marble with very low water absorbance and a high degree of dimensional stability. The dense cristal structure gives it a very special white. 99,8% is Calcite. Its sedimentation as limestone occurred in the Devonian (about 420 million years ago); the main metamorphosis to a marble was in the Cretaceous (about 100 million years ago). It has been quarried since Roman times. Its durability is so strong that it was even used as gravel for railway tacks, some time ago.

Krastal Marble at the facade of the appartment house Look 21, Stuttart, Germany.Krastal Marble at the facade of the appartment house Look 21, Stuttart, Germany.

Application: in interior and exterior architecture for facades, flooring, masonry and paving

Finishes: polished, sand blasted

Frost resistant: yes

Company: Lauster Steinbau has been active in the quarrying and processing of natural stone for more than 200 years. In 1920, it started production on an industrial scale. One of its main issues is ecological construction which also means usage of stones from regional sources with short transportation. This is why Lauster Steinbau operates 9 quarries in Germany and Austria.

Contact: Lauster Steinbau GmbH, Enzstraße 46, D-70376 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 711 5967 0
Fax: +49 711 5967 50

Krastal Marble at Stuttgart Airport, Germany.

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