With the new collection “Texo“ of the brand Kreoo, the designer Enzo Berti emulates a marble fabric

Brand Kreoo, designer Enzo Berti: “Texo“.

The eye of the beholder is easily deceived by the apparent course of the threads or ribbons

The viewer inevitably believes that he sees a fabric, and yet it is a mosaic of individual marble elements. “Texo“ is the name that designer Enzo Berti has given to his new collection for the brand Kreoo, and if you translate it from Latin (“I weave“) everything is clear: the arrangement of the individual elements makes it seem as if threads are passed over or under each other respectively.

Brand Kreoo, designer Enzo Berti: “Texo“.

How it is in reality, the close-up shows, and you can see that the impression is created with a few different elements.

The Texo panels for wall cladding in private or public spaces, including bathrooms, have an area of 60 x 60 cm. They combine different types of marble with different shades (Bianco Carrara, Bianco del Re, Calacatta Carrara, Grigio Bardiglio Light, Nero Marquina, Persian Grey and Verde Ming).

Brand Kreoo, designer Enzo Berti: “Texo“. Brand Kreoo, designer Enzo Berti: “Texo“.

It is also possible to combine marble with metal. Then the apparent background has the shades of gold, pink or dark bronze.

Kreoo is the design brand of the Italian company Decormarmi since 2011. The name comes from the Greek word “kreion“, which here means “the one who creates and designs.” Decormarmi is a family business located in the Chiampo Valley on the southern edge of the Alps. It has earned much renown worldwide with exclusive projects. The target group for the new brand was initially “a young clientele interested in unusual design ideas,“ as Gabriella Farinon from the company’s management told us. In the meantime, the company also has furnishing objects for business premises, hotels, or restaurants, etc. in its offer.


Enzo Berti

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