LUNDHS BLUE, a larvikite with lustrous crystals from Norwegian Lundhs company

LUNDHS BLUE, a larvikite from Norwegian Lundhs company.

Name of the stone: Lundhs Blue®

Stone type: Larvikite

Color: blue with large shiny crystals. Other varieties are the Lundhs Royal (grey), Lundhs Emerald (dark blue) and Lundhs Antique (reddish).

Quarry location: Larvik district around the city of Larvik, Norway

Description of the stone: Lundhs Blue (also: Blue Pearl) is a classic material known for its blue background with lustrous blue and grey feldspar crystals. Thanks to its high density and non-porosity, it has incredible strength, resistance and absorption qualities. All surfaces are resistant to heat, scratches, stains, UV and water. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. No sealing required.

Stone Story: The Larvik district in southern Norway is blessed with the monzonite variety named Larvikite. It was formed during a period of strong volcanic activity about 300 million years ago, cooled off and hardened at depths of 8-9.000 meters. The above lying material has since eroded, bringing the Larvikite to the surface. It contains beautiful blue crystals made of alkali feldspar, which refract the light in a special way so that the resulting play of colors often is called labradorization. Because of this optical effect, the stone is also known as Labrador.

LUNDHS BLUE, a larvikite from Norwegian Lundhs company.LUNDHS BLUE, a larvikite from Norwegian Lundhs company.

Application: indoor, outdoor, kitchen countertop, bathroom top

Finishes: polished, silk/leather. All surfaces are maintenance-free and will last for a lifetime.

Frost resistant: yes

Company: Lundhs, established in 1962 with 140 employees today, is the leading producer of granite rough blocks in Norway. Production volume per year is 50,000 m³. Lundhs Real stone is the company’s brand for product design with natural stone, so furniture and other everyday objects.

Contact: Head office: Lundhs AS, Kanalgata 59, NO-3263 Larvik , Norway, Telephone, Mail

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LUNDHS BLUE, a larvikite from Norwegian Lundhs company.

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