Italian Salvatori company’s “Stone Parquet” adapts the well-known wooden flooring to marbles, limestones and travertines

Salvatori: “Stone Parquet“.

The tiles can have a staggered pattern or a herringbone effect

Parquet flooring has an iconic status in homes and commercial spaces. Italian Salvatory company has adapted this pattern traditionally used in wood for natural stone and thus brings extreme durability and mineral beauty to the ancient design.

“Stone Parquet“ is available in both tiles of differing lengths and widths for those wishing to create a staggered pattern and in smaller batons for a herringbone design.

Four different stones can be chosen: Bianco Carrara white marble, Crema d’Orcia bright limestone, caramel-colored Imperiale travertine and chocolaty limestone Pietra d’Avola.

Salvatori: “Stone Parquet“.

On its webpage, Salvatori tells the story of how the innovative product came into being: „A few years ago, the subject of how to transform our beloved natural stone into another material came up. Was it possible for it to take on the properties of wood, another beautiful natural material? Absolutely.
“One of our first forays into creating something from stone rather than wood was the Stone Forest installation designed by Kengo Kuma. We also explored how the characteristics of hewn wood could be interpreted in stone with our Raw texture, designed together with our longstanding friend Piero Lissoni with whom we have created many other milestone products. Stone Parquet is one of those.“

Salvatori: “Stone Parquet“.
Salvatori: “Stone Parquet“. Left: Bianco Carrara white marble, right: caramel-colored Imperiale travertine.

As stone is extremely tough and hardwearing, Stone Parquet is ideal for use both inside and out and for wet spaces such as bathrooms where it will be frequently exposed to water. “In terms of maintenance, the main rule to remember is that you should only use neutral detergents and stay far away from aggressive cleaning products as they risk damaging the stone,“ the company points out on the webpage.


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