BIANCO AVORIO, a noble limestone with light ivory color and thin and flowery texture from Italian Grassi Pietre company

Limestone Bianco Avorio, honed, from Grassi Pietre.

Stone type: limestone (Pietra di Vicenza)

Color: light ivory

Structure: homogenous with fossils

Quarry location: in the Berici Hills near the city of Vicenza, only in underground quarries

Bianco Avorio used for the restoration of the Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square (PA), USA. Photo: Sam Markey Photography

Description of the stone: Its noble appearance and thin and flowery texture are the result of the sedimentation of innumerable minute fossils algae. The Bianco Avorio is a variant of the “Vincenza Stone“ which has been quarried since Roman times. The stone is easy to quarry and to work: being tender when extracted, it hardens very much after a short time.
Application: It is the most popular stone for classical sculptures, and it is particularly suitable for internal and external claddings, internal floors and staircases, and every other building component.

Finishes: honed, brushed, bushhammered, sandblasted, striated, rolled, corteccia, rock finish, spuntato, time worn, juta. Bespoke finishes are available on request.

Frost resistant: no

Bianco Avorio used for a Villa in Munich, Germany.Bianco Avorio used for a Villa in Munich, Germany.

Company: Grassi Pietre srl is a family business and has been quarrying and manufacturing the various types of Pietra di Vicenza limestone since 1850. It operates 6 quarries which all are underground. The headquarters are located in Nanto not far from Venice. There, the production is set in a modern plant, and it relies on innovative machinery and highly skilled manpower. A competent and integrated team takes charge of the customers‘ projects, from development to production, thus guaranteeing the best possible results.

Contact: Via Madonetta, 2, 36024 Nanto (Vicenza), Italy
Tel. +39.0444.639092, Fax +39.0444.730071



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Bianco Avorio in a bathroom in the Dialogue House, Phoenix, AZ USA.

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