Miscelleneous: ideas around natural stone

“Gemma“. Photos: Sicis“Gemma“.“Gemma“ is how Italian Sicis company calls its collection of ceiling lamps. The light falls through a glass emulating gems. Designer was Massimiliano Raggi.

British magazine Stone Specialist has analyzed stone consumption in the UK and imports in 2020 and 2021.

Cevisama, the Spanish Fair for ceramics and bathroom experience in Valencia, was postponed to 2023 (February 27 – March 03) due to the energy crises aggravated by the war in Ukraine, Feira Valencia informs (1, 2).

A webpage lists 5 ideas for hotel design with stone.

A marble bathtub from the ancient city of Aphrodisias in western Anatolia was seized by Turkish police before it could be sold to smugglers.

Tinos island in Greece has been famous for centuries for its marbles and the art of marble sculpture (1, 2).

A study reveals how the Stonehenge landscape looked before the world-famous monument was erected.

The “Plagiarius“, a prize given to brazen product counterfeits, was awarded again.

Geophysicist Max Moorkamp from Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich has developed a method that allows to investigate the composition of the Earth with better results.

Video of the month: Alabaster is a material unknown to most artists. The Fondation Alain Ellouz pour l’albâtre (Foundation Alain Ellouz for Alabaster) aims to make the stone popular among creative people. Recently it held its first exhibition at the workshop in Paris.

(04.05.2022, USA: 05.04.2022)