“Hug”, “Tao”, and “Kora” are Kreoo’s freestanding washbasins or bathtubs, respectively, in natural stone combining marble with with brass, bronze, and wood

Kreoo, Matteo Nunziati: „Hug“.

Italian company Decormarmi sent us the following press release about its Kreoo brand:

Cocoon bathtubs perfect to relax in or large washbasins that become the central element of the bathroom: “Hug”, “Tao”, and “Kora” are some of Kreoo’s freestanding Objekts that express the maximum potential of stone products through their refined details and thicknesses. The soft profiles, which often arise from a single block of material, characterize the three projects that mix marble with brass, bronze, or warm walnut and eucalyptus wood inserts.

Kreoo, Matteo Nunziati: „Hug“.That’s the case of Hug, the product line designed by Matteo Nunziati and available both in washbasin and bathtub versions. Hug aesthetic is enriched by the particular connection between full and empty spaces. Those wooden supports also offer comfortable stocking space. In the washbasin, marble wraps around the back of the block in a semicircle shape; the front, on the other hand, is in wood. The bathtub shows the same combination and arrangement of materials, with a practical shelf on the front part, to store objects or towels.

Kreoo, Marco Piva: „Tao“.The Tao washbasin shares a similar shape with Hug, but with a very different aesthetic result. Designed by Marco Piva, it is a cylindrical unique solid block of marble that is crossed and decorated in its midsection by a thin metallic band in gold finish. The same band is oriented perpendicularly and crosses the previous one, marking the top of the product, marking on the whole surface the depth of the bowl. This ‘mesh’ guarantees to work with smaller blocks and considerably reduces the production waste. Tao is available in ten marble finishes, from white to gray, black, and green, for maximum personalization.

Kreoo, Enzo Berti: „Kora“Lastly, the Kora bathtub marks a harmonious encounter between fluid profiles and geometries, between heavy and light, between marble and metal. The bathtub is designed by Enzo Berti and arises from a single block, which has a curved upper profile at different heights, to facilitate access and to produce an elegant result. The purity of its shape, with a thickness of 20 mm, is enhanced by this detail. A metal rod stand, with a gold or dark bronze finish, serves as a structure and supports the monolith with an extraordinary effect. Kora is a sculpture for the bathroom, proposed by Kreoo in six different types of marble – including Bianco Carrara, Bianco del Re, Calacatta Carrara, Calacatta Classico, Grigio St Marie, and Persian Grey – or customizable according to requirements.

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