For the first time product design: “The Gaze Beyond“ is the title of Antolini’s capsule collection of marble tableware created by designer Alessandro La Spada

Antolini, Alessandro La Spada: “The Gaze Beyond“.

Irish Green is the material in focus but other stones are available on request

Antolini, famous for its exotic stones, has entered the area of product design on occasion of the 2022 Milan Design Week and created its first table ware collection called “The Gaze Beyond“, together with designer Alessandro La Spada. Details are explained in the following press release:

A new chapter in the cardinal narrative of the Verona-based brand, within a dialogue that unfolds through craftsmanship, material, vision – The Gaze Beyond – and concrete design quality. A tableware collection created for a convivial atmosphere, whose distinctive characteristics include an obsession with research on the most refined details and emotional subtleties.

Antolini has created this first tableware collection in Irish Green, the marble that is a symbol of the Exclusive Collection and has contributed to Antolini’s unrivaled and internationally known reputation in the field of natural stones. Shades of green mingling with the white veins and translucent glow of this spectacular marble are emphasized in the juxtaposition with seductive metal in the sophisticated Rose Gold finish.

Antolini, Alessandro La Spada: “The Gaze Beyond“.Antolini, Alessandro La Spada: “The Gaze Beyond“.Antolini, Alessandro La Spada: “The Gaze Beyond“.

“The napkin holder, whose form is like that of a bracelet, where we have inserted a marble ring in the metal cylinder, is the object of my design that comes closest to a jewel, an element to adorn the body,” says Alessandro la Spada. With these words, he underlines the spirit of this capsule collection, with its focus on the ornamental dream of the table and the associated nourishment of all the senses.

Antolini, Alessandro La Spada: “The Gaze Beyond“.

A rectangular multifunctional tray of ample size, to ensure a theatrical presence on the table. A freestanding ice bucket and a place marker plate whose form – also replicated in other objects – suggests the Antolini monogram, the natural stone Antolini has selected and transformed since 1960. A breadstick holder, two serving stands of different heights to play with proportions. A precious butter dish and a stylish candle holder that can also contain the stem of a delicate flower.

To light up the setting, elegant and sophisticated table lamps.

Complements that express a harmonious dichotomy of segmented curves and soft silhouettes, underlined by striking effects achieved through the use of the stone. Grafts of primitive materials, marble and metal, which Antolini and Alessandro La Spada have brought together in a stylistic, physical gesture, a new invitation – inside the Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom – to evoke tactile and visual emotions.

Antolini, Alessandro La Spada: “The Gaze Beyond“.

The Antolini Tableware Collection displays the object and its function, represented like sculpture, a miniature with respect to what the company has made until now, to emphasize the particularly fine craftsmanship with which Antolini is able to create custom-made furnishings coveted all over the world.

The Tableware Collection is available in other exclusive natural materials on request.

Antolini, Alessandro La Spada: “The Gaze Beyond“.

Antolini celebrates the beauty of stone and man’s ingenuity, confirming once again its focus on excellence, research and innovation, always at the service of the creations of Mother Nature.

Antolini is an Italian company driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Antolini family, known around the world for the selection, processing and distribution of the most exclusive and widest range of natural materials, prized for their unique colors, finishes and aesthetic characteristics, obtained thanks to the combination of fine craftsmanship and technological innovation. The company was founded in 1956 by Luigi Antolini and now has a team of 250 employees. It operates in 182 countries, with production and distribution units in Brazil, India and Turkey, along with many showrooms around the world and multiple territorial headquarters throughout Italy. It recently opened its showromm in Milan next to the cathedral.


Photo: Antolini

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