For the 4th time, Marble Izmir Fair organized its “Young Creative Ideas Platform“, a competition for young designers for innovative product ideas with natural stone

Preisverleihung auf der Marble Izmir Fair 2022.Auswahl der Preisträger.

There were 3 winners, who were each awarded prizes of 15,000 Turkish Lira, which are currently lavish for the country

One of the highlights of the Marble Fair in Izmir 2022 (March 30 to April 4) was the “Young Creative Ideas Platform”, a competition of young designers for innovative product ideas with natural stone. The prize was awarded for the 4th time and, as usual, the theme was “Novel”.

This time 46 of the submissions survived the pre-selection. From them, 15 nominations were selected for the final round in a presentation to natural stone companies.

Finally, a jury named the winners, who received one of the main prizes of 15,000 Turkish liras each. That’s currently only about US$920, but in the local currency, it’s a big sum of money.

In addition, each of the participants was honored with a plaque and a small marble sculpture.

Another prize was awarded for cooperation. It went this time to 2 of the participating companies that had excelled in dealing with young designers.

Other annual awards for natural stone design in Turkey are given by the IMIB (Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association) and EIB (Aegean Exporters’ Associations). All these efforts aim to find new ideas in the use of local natural stones in everyday products. In the meantime, the first successes are becoming apparent – some companies have achieved initial success with their collections.

We show in the following the ideas, which reached the final elimination.

The jury members from Turkey and abroad were: Chairman: Head of Industrial Design Department of İzmir University of Economics Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Assistant Professor Can Özcan; CEO at Gürmaş Gürel Makine Ahmet Gürel, Ph.D. student at Süleyman Demirel University Graduate School of Sciences Aydın Apaydın, Head of Yeditepe University Industrial Design Department Assistant Professor Ayşem G. Başar, Head of the Department of Restoration at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Prof. Dr. Demet Binan, Founder of M Artı D Mimarlık Architect Durrin Süer Kılıç, İzmir Mediterranean Academy Design Coordinator Lecturer Dr. Elif Kocabıyık, Senior Advisor Prof. Dr. Faruk Çalapkulu, Designer Gökhan Karakuş, St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Aca. Of Art&Design-Head of Art History Department Esteemed Prof. Ilia Palaguta, İTÜ Industrial Design Department Assistant Professor Koray Gelmez, Italian Architect Designer Lorenzo Argenti, Çukurova University Dean of Architecture Department Prof. Dr. M. Gözde Ramazanoğlu, Akademia Sztuk Pieknych Warszawie Esteemed Prof. Michal Stefanowski, Line Marble Granite Founder Remzi Boncuk, EIB Urge Coordinator Sabri Bora, Yaşar University Head of Industrial Design Department Assistant Professor Tolga Benli.

4. Young Creative Ideas Platform (Turkish)

Photos: Izfas, Peter Becker

Feyza Bașak: „Turn&Relax“ is an oil diffuser armatherapy devide, designed especially to provide a visualrelaxation experience alongside the olfactory recreation.Taner Vural: „Teos“ is an outdoor table with a leg-heater placed in the stand of the table and a plate made of Silkar’s Laminated Natural Stone Panel (LSP).Gülnur Üstun, Pelin Nur Karabay: „Not“ is a desktop note holder, easy to clean and long lasting.Hilal Eylül Tasci: „Non-Ress“ is an anti-stress toy being natural stylish and elegant. The texture of the marble and ist color create a sound harmony.Ece Diliüz, Abdullah Karadeniz: „Apot“ brings together two different species of living things, water and soil.Beril Kantar, Ecem Çikrikçi: „Miki-Light“ combines lighting with cell phone charging. Its form is inspired by the moon-jellyfish.Recep Taifun Kara: „Merapi“ a heating and lighting which suits all places.Yaren Aysan: „Hug“ is a lighting that breaks the hardness of stone and reveals ist elegance.Umut Deniz Denir: „Dish“ is a soap holder that aims to reduce consumption by enabling the reuse of worn soaps.Mehmet Tekin, Tahsin Demir: „Ant“ was designed as a cultural iten with the value of vision and prestige aiming to convey the nature and value of the materials.Kerem Aydin: „Taș“ asks: Can we take the complexity and spontaneity of nature into our lives?Gökce Sevilmiș: the lighting „Seela“ combines the amorphous design with natural stone travertine.Irem Aslan: „Manecense“ presents the elements of the meditation experience to the users in a single onyx product.Gülnur Üstun, Pelin Nur Karabey: „Denge“ us amorphous marble leftover peaces.Abdullah Eslek: „IIK“ combines lighting and loudspeakers. Marble is used as durable and decorative material.Büșraǧdu, Melike Menteș: „Alpha&Beta“ is an indoor portable lighting made of rotating stone blocks.Umut Deniz Demir: „Incens / Roll“.

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