Turkish design students again displayed many promising ideas for everyday products made of or with the country’s natural stones

The competition winners, between them Mevlüt Kaya (President EIB, 2. from left), Canan Karaosmanoğlu Buyer (Izfas general Manager, center), Faruk Çalapkulu (President of the 6th International Stone Congress, 2. from right).

For the 3rd time, the Marble Izmir fair hosted the “Young Creative Ideas Platform“

The Marble Fair in Izmir has been hosting the “Young Creative Ideas Platform“ since 2018, in which design students are expected to develop everyday products with natural stone. Because of Covid-19, there had been an elimination in 2020, but the winning projects had not been presented to the public. This was made up for in 2021 at the 26th edition of the fair.

As in the previous year, the motto of the competition was “Different“. The results were promising.

A special feature is that natural stone companies participate in the competition from the very beginning, and in the end, they produce the prototypes, which are explicitly designed for large-scale production. That is why the competition also has a Prize for Cooperation, which rewards cooperation between designers and production companies. It was awarded twice.

The presentation of the entries at the fair.

The main prizes are worth 10,000 Turkish liras (the current equivalent of about US-$1200), which was double the prize money of previous years. They were awarded three times. In addition, there was a special prize from the EIB (Aegean Exporters’ Associations).

We show the works of the prize winners – all women this time – and the submissions that did not receive a prize but won a nomination for production.

In all, there were more than 300 submissions.

The names of the jury members can be found on the competition’s webpage.

“Young Creative Ideas Platform” (Turkish)

Renderings: students

Photos: Marble Izmir / Peter Becker

Winner Elif Bozkurt, Company Alpay Mermer: lamp “Day and Night“ made of beige Onyx with a foil on the back. When the lamp is turned, the light changes.Winner Esra Yücetürk, Company Alimoğlu Marble (Izmir): “Vopa“, Source for light and fragrance.Winner Melisa Bilgici, Company Laodikeia: “Mona“, an object für everyday usage with many functions.Prize for Cooperation: Ezgi Deringöl (above), Irem Ezgi Türkdoğan, Kömürcüoğlu Mermer company: “Line“, modular seats made of stone and steel.Prize for Cooperation, special prize from the EIB: Irem Aydin, Sude Sila Iltaş, Silkar Stone company: “Ambiyans“ is a curtain with elements, each one made of two thin stone pieces giving a sound when hitting each other.Aslı Başer, Alimoğlu Marble company (Izmir): “Yedi“ are coat hooks that welcome visitors and guests in an apartment, office or hotel.Enes Cinfer, Iz-Ko Marble company: container „Karma“.Ayda Mirzatürkmen, Granitaş company: “Umbra“ blends the solar eclipse.Canan Hande Göçmen, Gökmer Mermer: company „Luminous“ combines a side table with rings of light.Ece Öner, Başaranlar Marble, Travertine company: “Marmaron“ is a decoration for the aquarium and recreates caves in the sea.Öyküm Toprak, Granitaş company: kitchen gadget “YKMT“.Yilmaz Arda Aksaç, Natur Stone company: “Kurna“ blending sauna and hammam culture.Ezgi Deringöl (left), Irem Ezgi Türkdoğan, Laodikeia. company: table lamp “Lotus“.Esra Yücetürk, Haz Marble company: in “Luna“, the natural stone brings naturalness to the aquarium.Hilal Eylül Taşçı, companies Goldmer Marble, Travertine Design: “Bağ“ is a city object for bicycle parking, plants and animals.Irem Aydin, Sude Sila Iltaş, Alimoğlu Marble company (Afyon): “Helix“ is a carillon made of stone.Nilüfer Taşkin, Șenler Marble company: a planting area “Izohips“ recreating the landscape around Afyonkarahisar in marble and onyx.

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