What a terrific product idea: tombstones for pets are on display at Marmomac as part of the “Etica Litica“ (stone ethics) project

“Pet Memorial“ from “Etica Litica“.

In Hall 10, the new “Plus Theatre“ wants to tie in with the “Italian Stone Theatre“ of recent years and be a playground for natural stone ideas

“Pet Memorial“ is one of the ideas presented as part of the “Etica Litica“ (stone ethics) project at the upcoming Marmomac (September 27 – 30, 2022). These are new products for the tombstone market, namely a variation on those artistically designed tombstones about which stonemasons have been excited for a while. The cute little animals are likely to meet the wishes of the bereaved, i.e. the pet owners, who want something that shows their joy in the animal.

These and other design ideas for natural stone will be on display as part of the “Plus Theatre“ exhibition in Hall 10 at Marmomac. It is the newly named “Italian Stone Theatre” of recent years.

As in 2021, Etica Litica was curated by the Association of Industrial Designers (ADI) of the Veneto Trentino Alto Adige region. 17 designers were invited to come up with new product ideas for natural stone with a focus on sustainability.

Examples from “Etica Litica“.

Specifically, the task was: a three-dimensional object was to be created from a slab of natural stone (3.30 x 2 m, 2 or 3 cm thick). More material was not allowed to be used – but not less either, which means that the plate provided should merge 100% into the object if possible.

Etica Litica will not only present the prototypes of the 17 designers. Also on display will be acollection of those natural stone products that have been awarded the Compasso D’Oro prize in recent years. The designers’ association presents this internationally renowned award which is considered the flagship of Italian design.

Example from „Brand & Stone 4.0“.Example from „Brand & Stone 4.0“.

In addition, there is also the 4th edition of “Brand & Stone” in Hall 10. The fair writes: “Conceived and curated by Danilo Di Michele, (it) is an important exhibition that comes forward as an experimental design space for artefacts in natural stone by leading furniture/design brands. The purpose is to educate and illustrate shared aspects – such as skill, machinery and creative design – that define the substance of stone and its innumerable special features and differences. The exhibition aims to bring design companies, internationally renowned designers and companies in the stone sector actively together in a meeting that starts with in-depth knowledge of the subject to create new opportunities for collaboration and possible business developments through unique projects that may later be presented on the market. Each brand consequently develops products testifying that marble, granite and natural stones are irreplaceable materials in the world of design and architecture of yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Shown is also:
* “Stoneland”, a photo exhibition of 15 examples of modern architecture using natural stone, curated by Platform Architecture & Design”;
* Marmomac Meets Academies showcases student ideas for urban design and street furniture unter the title of “Discovering Italy”, curated by Giuseppe Fallacara and Domenico Potenza: “The aim is to present an exemplary itinerary (between the stone districts and urban landscapes) of the Italian provinces together with leading Italian and international university experiments.”
* In “Visionary Stone,“ industrial designer Raffaello Galiotto uses forms from nature to show what can be made of natural stone using CNC machines (see link below).

“Be the Plus“ is the new claim of the fair, as said in a press release: it is “a tribute to doing and doing better which, following Welcome Back in 2021.“

Marmomac (September 27 – 30, 2022)

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