The new collection “Orbit“ by Alex Mint: the focus of the design is concentric circles and probably also water waves

Alex Mint: „Orbit“.Alex Mint: “Orbit“, side table.

The Greek designer has given the tables and the console fluidity and movement

Concentric circles are the focus of Alex Mint’s latest work. That’s what we’re saying – the Greek designer calls her collection of tables and a console “Orbit,“ referring to something closely related to concentric circles: an orbit, for example, describes the trajectory of a satellite around the Earth, which can have the shape of a circle.

Marble is again one of the favorite materials at Alex Mint. The stone is used in stacks of alternating white and black variety (Volakas and Blue Star marble), and the stacks are conical. The ensuing cones serve as the legs of the tables and the console.

Such striped patterns were popularly used in architecture during the Renaissance, such as the Duomo in Florence.

Alex Mint: „Orbit“.

But to create cones with it, it needs extreme accuracy, so that the sloping sides perfectly abut each other

Alex Mint: „Orbit“, dining table.

The basic work at Alex Mint is done by modern CNC machines. The finishing is always in the hands of stonemasons in her home country.

The tabletops are made of tinted Safety glass, which allows us to look down on the cones.

Presumably, the designer wants to play with our perception here: because such concentric circles quickly call to the viewer’s mind the image of waves in water – it is one of the fundamental observations of children that a stone thrown into a still water surface creates ripples that diverge one after another in perfect circles.

Alex Mint: „Orbit“, console.

Everyone knows this surprising experience of geometry in the wild. And everyone has formerly also tried out with the playmates, how waves, which go out from different stones, behave toward each other. We remember: interference is the magic word here.

On her webpage, Alex Mint uses concentric waves as background for the presentation of her Orbit collection.

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Fotos / Renderings: Alex Mint Studio

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