SVENSTORP HALLANDIA, a gneiss with unique vein-like colors on a dark background, in southwestern Sweden quarried by Hallindens Granit

Svenstorp Hallandia gneiss, polished.

Name of the stone: Svenstorp Hallandia

Stone type: gneiss

Color: strong color veins ranging from dark reddish gray to light orange gray

Quarry location: Berget Svenstorp, 31050 Slöinge, Halland County, southwestern Sweden

Description of the stone: a unique type of gneiss with decorative colors like veins ranging from red to orange on a dark background. The elegant design with nature as painter is contrasted by the gneiss‘ typical expression of hardness and longivity.

Peculiarities of the Stone: The Svenstorp Hallandia bears the title as “Heritage Stone“ due to its important role in human culture. In the 1850s, large quantities had been transported to Germany and Denmark to be used mainly for paving. But remnants of about 500 quarries in the coastal area of southwestern Sweden show that quarrying had started long time before. In 2023 is was nominated Sweden‘s Stone of the Year.

Svenstorp Hallandia gneiss.

Application: almost any application: slabs for paving and cladding, countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, steps, grave monuments, sculptural works
Finishes: polished, honed, bushhammered, flamed

Frost resistant: Yes

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Svenstorp Hallandia gneiss.

Company: Hallindens Granit AB is a modern stone company with a long history. In 1946, founder Bror Lundgren opened the company’s first quarry with Tossene Grey Bohus granite. Today, his grandchildren Johan and Jörgen run the business. On the company webpage, they write: “We are constantly working on renewal and improvement. Everything to be able to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers. Today, Hallindens Granit delivers stone all over the world for various purposes.“

Contact: Stenbrottet Skarstad 501, 454 92 Brastad, Sweden,
Tel: +46 523-411 55

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