Citco at Salone del Mobile 2023: artistic stone objects, the kind you might use as accents in a home interior

Citco booth at Salone del Mobile 2023.

Designers were Ron Arad, Fabrizio Bendazzoli, Estudio Campagna, Zaha Hadid Design, and Citco Design

We give our own interpretation of Citco’s stand design at Salone del Mobile 2023 (title: “From Nature to Nature”), which was worth seeing: Citco demonstrated how marble objects could be used as accents to create an artistic look in a home. On display were works by well-known designers (Ron Arad, Fabrizio Bendazzoli, Estudio Campana, Zaha Hadid Design, and Citco Design), some of which had already been presented at previous fairs and were now placed in a new context. This was experimental home design at its most luxurious, without immediately using as much marble as possible.

The company itself describes the installation at its stand in Hall 1 of the fair more soberly: “The fil rouge: stripping marble of its material weight and making it seem light, versatile, easy to shape.“

“Personality and personalization. These are the 2 inspiring principles of Citco. The possibility of introducing pieces of great character, strongly expressed in the direction of customers’ tastes and needs. Every project is a unique Case.“

We show the photos of the company and give their descriptions.


Stone providers were Artemide, Covelano Marmi, Edra, Gessi. La Favorita, Pettrus Stone Brasil. Venini, Zapparrata Marmi.

Photos: Franco Chimenti / Peter Becker

Ron Arad: “Slice.”Ron Arad: “Slice. Ever since the great masterpieces in marble were made (do I need to mention Michelangelo, Donatello…) The beautiful end result was hidden inside the raw material that was chiselled away. Yes, a lot of waste, and indeed we’re all now trying to find solutions and ways to deal with the waste. I know that Citco for example is collecting dust-waste and recycling it into reconstituted stone. Still, I thought there’s a way of taking a raw piece of marble and slicing it in a free, wavy, 3-dimensional cut so that all the components end up beautiful and useful – no waste. Again, this process relies on sophisticated ‘wire -cutting’ technology. Excited to see the result of our first attempt. Hopefully more to follow.“

Estudio Campana: “Hipocentro.”Estudio Campana: “Hipocentro” is framed by a 3-meter-tall naturally bicolor Brazilian marble.The slightly concave mirro appears to split the marble, conveying the idea of an explosion. Materializing power that precedes an apicenter. It’s a sculptural installation that portrays the force of nature fragmenting the marble.

Design of the entire booth: Fabrizio Bendazzoli.Design of the entire booth: Fabrizio Bendazzoli.

Estudio Campana: “Ayahuasca.”Estudio Campana: “Ayahuasca” is a sculpted coffee table that intertwines the texture of roots around the single-piece stone, as if it were growing and wrapping itself on marble creating an organic pattern that contrasts with the smooth surface. It suggests the notion of a living creature sprouting from within the marble, as if the stone were taken by a spiritual being. “Both pieces, Hipocentro and Ayahuasca are very compelling as they carry a great deal of energy not only by the nature of their materials but also by the stories told by them. The origin of the Earth, the shifting of tectonic plates; the burst of energy that ignites life; the overtaking of plants reclaiming their space in the world. The idea of infusing motion and life into something so rigid and pure as marble is fascinating to me”.

Estudio Campana: “Fênix.”Estudio Campana: “Fênix.” This fireplace concept is inspired by the flames, as if the shape of fire were captured in stone. The metalanguage of the piece overlayed with actual fire suggests a poetic gaze of life in different stages, a path from heat to cold, life and death. The striking sculptural flames expand into the space, catching the eye and evoking a dreamlike experience of classic mythology, the power of dreams, the cycle of life, and hope for a better future.

Fabrizio Bendazzoli: “Palmas.”Fabrizio Bendazzoli: “Palmas.” Its marble doors are adorned with banana leaves that appear to dance on their surface, paying homage to nature itself, which constantly renews, always finding a way to emerge and shine. Looking closely at these banana leaves, one can notice the details that cross their surface. These veins seem to testify to the vitality and strength that pervade all of nature, inviting anyone who contemplates them to embrace the joy and vitality that it offers. Yet at the same time, these banana leaves also evoke a sense of serenity and balance, which harmoniously merges with the solidity and immutable beauty of marble. This material, in fact, seems to seal the union between nature and culture, between vital strength and stability, creating a work of art that can accompany and inspire anyone who observes it. In this way, the cabinet becomes an inspiring muse of the symbol of strength and harmony that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, creating an atmosphere of beauty and serenity that can transform any space into an oasis of peace and inspiration.

“Filari“ (center) is a wine stock, „Filari“ (left) a wall shelving. Zaha Hadid Studio: (centre) “Filari“ is a wine stock unit literally informed by gravity, the piece coherently describes a vertical motion and stands solidly as if anchored under its own weight –– yet its presence feels graceful and ethereal. ZHD reinterprets a very specific functional element beyond its mere utilitarian aspect –– conjugating form and function into a piece exquisitely manufactured to match the purity and grace of the design, echoed by the White Carrara marble which also conveys stability and standing.
Zaha Hadid Studio: (left) „Filari“ wall shelving. Applying the concept on to cantilevering systems, the design serves its function as a wine stock shelving element. Articulated horizontally, the piece floats and describes a pulsing motion that creates storage units of different capacity allowing for any wine categorisation by type as well as by number of bottles. The lightness of the design is reflected and juxtaposed to the solidity of Bardiglio Nuvolato marble.

Zaha Hadid Studio: “Traccia.“ Zaha Hadid Studio: “Traccia.“ The composition ideally frames a vertical perspective on the natural layering occurring in land and rock formations. Pristinely carved in marble, each tile is informed by a rhythmical striation –– reverberating the apparently chaotic order of the natural world, harmonically merging complexity and texture. The subtle design is exquisitely translated to solid marble by Citco’s mastership in stone carving techniques, combining lightness and solidity to convey a calming yet captivating experience.

Fabrizio Bendazzoli: “Marea.“ Fabrizio Bendazzoli: “Marea.“ The collection is a perfect fusion of the beauty of the sea and the refinement of Botanic Wave white and green marble. Like the waves of the sea that mix with each other, the marble has a harmony of colors and textures that recall the constant movement of the waves. The external shapes of the volumes recall the force of the winds and the lunar phases, creating an atmosphere of serenity and inner peace that invites relaxation and rest. The bathtub with its resting surface is like an island in the middle of the sea, a perfect place to find calm and tranquility, while the sink with its comfortable and functional size offers a practical and comfortable solution for daily needs. The Marea collection is a marble work of art that evokes the beauty of the sea itself, where each shape and element recalls the infinite variety of nuances and movements that make the sea so extraordinary and that are reflected in the beauty of the collection itself.

Fabrizio Bendazzoli: “Dune.“ Fabrizio Bendazzoli: “Dune“ is a mirror that appears to be framed by the dunes of the desert, thanks to the sinuous lines of ist marble. Like the dunes, its mutable form seems to shift to the rhythm of an imaginary wind, creating a natural harmony with the surrounding environment. But what truly sets Dune apart is the poetic light it emits, thanks to its particular position within the frame. The light, reflected and diffused by the inner surfaces of the marble structure, creates a radial effect that seems to envelop anyone who gazes into it in an atmosphere of calm and peace. The smooth lines of Dune, with their softness and elegance, seem to bring to mind images of golden sand dunes rippling under the desert sun. But at the same time, these same sinuous forms seem to serve functionality, creating an ideal mirror for a refined and welcoming bathroom environment. In this way, Dune becomes a unique object that combines beauty and utility, poetry and practicality, evoking images of faraway landscapes and places that enchant the soul.

Citco Design: “Mille Miglia” (Thousand Miles).Citco Design: “Mille Miglia” (Thousand Miles). Marble has many lives and infinite expressiveness. It can be leather, furniture, art, decoration and all these things at once. It has a very ancient origin and a contemporary soul. Today, Mille Miglia comes to life, a small collection of furnishing elements that evokes in the shape of a trunk the pleasure and sense of freedom of travelling, born from the mastery in shaping marble that belongs to Citco‘s experience and visionary attitude. Declined in different types of marble, the trunks enclose stories. They tell the wonderful material essence of each marble. Citco‘s technology in interpreting and enhancing the unique colours and textures of marble. And the contemporary idea of a passepartout furnishing object, simple and chameleonic universal and expressive, at the same time essential and scenic.

Citco Design: “Manaus.” Citco Design: “Manaus.” Evocative name for the wall reminiscent of the Amazon rainforest. Ming green worked, engraved, modeled: ferns intertwining to fall one on top of the other. Nature reinterpreted with the natural material par excellence. Alps green for the leaves of Monstera, a tropical and decorative plant. Veins and inflections rendered in the smallest detail.

Ron Arad: “Not Carved in Stone.”Ron Arad: “Not Carved in Stone. It was exactly a year ago that we showed the marble LoveSong in Milan (now lives happily in Toronto). LoveSong was the result of the request I was asked by Citco: “Can you give us something really difficult to make? The more sophisticated technology gets, the more amazing the machine becomes, the less machine-like the product it produces. Yes, it is easy for me to sketch, draw and model a piece like Not Carved in Stone. When you see the sketches of this piece in one continuous band of marble carved with a long sentence (a quote from Oscar Wilde) in my handwriting, you don’t think of technology. That’s what I find exciting. Take a seat.”

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