Stonemasons will send national teams to the EuroSkills Gdańsk competition from September 05 to 09, 2023, in the Polish harbor city

Poster of the EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023.

Visitors have the opportunity to try hands-on job-related skills at the many ‘Try-a-Skill’ demonstrations

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EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023 will be held from September 05 – 09 in the Polish harbor city, also famous for its amber trade. It is the 8th edition of the competition and is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event on the continent.

Held every two years and organized by WorldSkills Europe together with 32 Member Countries, EuroSkills brings together hundreds of young professionals to compete in the Olympic Games of young professionals“, as the event is also titled.

Stonemasonry is one of the skills, officially „architectural stonemasonry“.

The competition, i.e. the execution of a practical task, takes place at the highest level of professional know-how. The time pressure for the participants is extreme; stressful may also be the many visitors coming to watch the competition.

The award for the (best) participants is not only the title which may help in the later career. Participants also say that the final ceremony is a unique experience. Also, the parade of nations at the opening of the event is said to have an Olympic feeling.

EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023 will welcome 600 skilled young professionals under the age of 25 from 32 countries to participate in competitions and demonstrations in 43 different skills and trades. Around 100,000 visitors from across Poland and abroad are expected to attend.

Visitors to the free-admission Competition are invited to watch the competitors in action and have the opportunity to try hands-on job-related skills at the many ‘Try-a-Skill’ demonstrations. The tens of thousands of school-aged young people who visit will be encouraged to turn their passions into a profession.

EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023 is organzsed in partnership by Poland’s Foundation For The Development Of The Education System (FRSE), WorldSkills Poland, WorldSkills Europe, the City of Gdańsk and AMBEREXPO Gdańsk.

EuroSkills takes place alternating with WorldSkills, which already had 46 editions. Due to Covid-19, the one in 2022 was spread over 3 months and 26 cities in 15 countries. In WorldSkills, stonemasons are no more among the participants as they failed to gather the necessary number of teams from 12 countries.

EuroSkills Gdańsk, September 05 to 09, 2023

47th WorldSkills 2024 (September 10 – 15, 2024), Lyon, France

48th WorldSkills 2026 in Shanghai, China

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