Beautiful little things made of natural stone as (Christmas)gifts

Web page Alfredo Polti.Web page Marsotto Edizioni.
Web page Green River Fossil.

Artistic fossil murals and other stone products for private collectors, interior designers, and architects are produced by Green River Fossil Company in a private quarry in Southwestern Wyoming. „All fossil fish are collected and prepared in adherence to strict guidelines established by the American Association of Paleontological Suppliers Code of Ethics, State and Federal Laws,“ is said on the web page.

With its “Tableware Collection“ Italian company Antolini is now also active in the market for decorative everyday objects. The design and stone material are exclusive so the objects can be given as gifts to others or to yourself.

Marsotto Edizioni from Italy has many objects in its “Accessories“ and other sections of its webpage.

Sal Orlando: Visions in Stone Art.The Californian artist Sal Orlando has many small stone sculptures for which he cleverly uses the colors and structures of the stones. At the foot of the gallery on the web page, you can find the Clownfish Nemo made of alabaster and color.

Small animals are always popular as decorative objects. An example is the collection “Animarmi“ by Tobia Scarpa for Testi Group. The designer used leftover pieces from marble processing.

Pimar Limestone has kittens in its “Design Collection“, among others.

Chatzisavvas Design.The Greek brand Chatzisavvas Design is very close to Christmas: the webpage shows tiny hearts as pendants, Christmas decorations, small artworks, and much more.

French jewelry designer Marion Batigne dubbs her natural stone collection “Sassolina”. The central values of her artworks are “Authenticity, ethics, originality, and love of nature and the human.”

Swiss company Alfredo Polti turns its gneiss into small practical objects for everyday use (German).

Swiss company Bärlocher has a range of products from birdbaths to painted marble fruits to candlesticks or wine coolers (German).

While we‘re on the subject of really useful things for everyday life, the German company Bamberger Natursteinwerk has e-charging columns made of granite.

Italian Fiammetta V company has a long list of household items made of marble stuff.

Monitillo1980 is another Italian company with nice little design things.

US artist Robin Antar‘s web page is always worth a visit.

Dear Keaton is a US brand with marble design objects.

Fili Pari: MARM \ MORE®.The designers of Filipari from Italy use stone powder for their innovative textiles. The material name is MARM \ MORE® (1, 2).

The famous “Book of Marble“ by Jan Christiaan Sepp from 1776, with 100 richly hand-colored plates explaining 570 different marble types, was reprinted as facsimile by Taschen publishers.

British stonemason and artist Beatrice Searle walked the Gudbrandsdalen Pilgrimage Trail in Norway with a “stone boat“ as hand luggage in tow and wrote a book about it.

In his book “Otherlands“, paleontologist Thomas Halliday makes a journey through Earth’s extinct worlds, e.g. the tropical forests in the Antarctic.

In the “Atlas of Earth’s Meteor Showers,” astronomer Dr. Peter Jenniskens describes over 500 such phenomena in our night skies. “They can hit satellites in Earth orbit at astronomical speeds and are also a historical document of past comet orbit evolution and decay,” said Jenniskens.

Finally: “The Planets!“ is a 2000-piece puzzle set featuring these 8 celestial bodies of our solar system. These toys range in size from Mercury at only 7“ wide all the way up to Jupiter with a width of 19.5“ and Saturn, whose rings span a width of 39“. Not included is the sun, as it would go far beyond those dimensions and it is a star, not a planet. Each puzzle box includes a two-sided poster that will help assemble each object, along with some interesting facts about each of the eight planets.

(16.11.2023, USA: 11.16.2023)