New in our calendar of trade fairs for design / lifestyle: events for consumer goods und gifts

A specialist for beautiful little things made of natural stone is the Italian company <a href=""target="_blank">Apuana Corporate</a>.

Increasingly, producers of beautiful little things made of natural stone are exhibiting at such fairs

Design with natural stone is an increasingly important topic in the stone sector. More and more producers are turning to this topic and specialising their product range.

A relatively new market segment here are nice little things, we mean small things for decorating the home. Consumer goods is the technical term for this. We have now included the most important trade fairs in our calendar for design and lifestyle. You can find them by searching the list for the term “consumer goods”.

Let’s make a short clarification of the term “design,“ under which all kinds of things are hidden:

Nothing special, but nice for decoration. Company <a href=""target="_blank">4Mariani</a>.

* Interior Design and Interior Architecture, i.e. the design of, for example, living rooms and bedrooms or even kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Natural stone objects appear here as accessories or decorative elements. In the same way, stone is often used in this area of construction as a material for wall or floor coverings, for example.

* Product design means objects for everyday use. Their characteristic feature is that they should be functional first and only then look beautiful. The famous phrase “Form Follows Function“ (the form comes after the function) expresses this. If such objects are produced in large numbers, one speaks of industrial design.
Natural stone is usually only used here as an accent, for example as part of a piece of furniture. The reason for this is that a complete object made of stone is always heavy and therefore usually no longer fulfils its function.

* So-called functional sculptures are a special case. On the one hand they are unmistakable works of art, but on the other they also fulfil a function in everyday life. There is a small but important market for them. Functional sculptures can only be sold successfully if their price is intended for the middle class.

* So now the nice little things are also appearing – knick-knacks, the kids would say. It’s things like souvenirs in the tourism sector that belong to it, but without which it would be possible. Often their lifespan is short because they are not really useful for anything. More and more they are also made of natural stone.

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