At the Salone del Mobile 2024, Citco once again showed spectacular works with natural stone on the border between art and product design

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Arca“ (Ark) by Estudio Campana.

“Stone Resilience” was the name of the collection and referred to the constant innovation in design

“Stone Resilience” was the title of the 2024 collection by the Italian company Citco presented at the Salone del Mobile. As usual, the objects by famous designers and architects were primarily artistic, although they could certainly be experienced as everyday objects.

Spectacular objects characterize the Citco and Citco Privé collections. They are the trademark of the design object company founded in 1990, which reinvented itself in 2007 and has since then produced spectacular objects using the latest techniques.

This year, works by Ron Arad, Estudio Campana, Arik Levy, Vian Roasool, Urbs ROMA and Saman Zahawi were shown. There was also an older work by Zaha Hadid Architects

Citco, Stone Resilience: marble wall “Echoe“ by Urbs ROMA, reception desk called “Zenith” by Vian Rasool.One of the highlights of the intire trade fair was the entrance to the Citco stand. The designers at Urbs ROMA called their marble wall “Echoe” (see photo above). It was a play with oscillations or vibrations that were captured here as if in a snapshot in the stone types Statuario, Palissandro Bluette, Grigio Brasile and St. Annie.

The reception desk called “Zenith” in front of the wall was a work by Vian Rasool in Calacatta Ibla and Black Patagonia marble. The designer calls the object “an invitation to find peace and beauty in the essential.”

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Zenzephyr” by Urbs ROMA.Urbs ROMA hat designed “Zenzephyr” as a bed, mirror and bedside tables with Obsidium Aurum marble. Here, as in Citco’s collections in general, a spectacular marble is combined with a spectacular shape. The word Zen Zephyr is generally understood as an expression of serenity and beauty.

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Arca“ (Ark) by Estudio Campana.“Arca” (Ark) by Estudio Campana was an object that most visitors to the fair had probably never seen before, let alone imagined. It was a stone bathtub with various animals carved out of the walls, such as a gorilla or a crocodile. The designer Humberto Campana sees this as an expression of man’s respect for nature and coexistence with it. The material was Obsidium Aurum.

Citco, Stone Resilience: “A Slice Off The Old Block“ by Ron Arad.Ron Arad was represented with four works. One was titled “A Slice Off The Old Block” and is about eliminating waste. Arad gave the normally flat discs into which a raw block is cut a curve and turned them into shelves for a bar or bar counter. “The only new thing introduced here is the gap between the slices,” he notes in the description.

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Don’t Lose Your Marbles“ by Ron Arad.While the bar furnishings could actually be used for the stated purpose, “Don’t Lose Your Marbles” left the field of product design entirely. An extraordinary piece of marble (pun in English: marbles) with a polished top and a rough bottom had been cut into a curved shape. A piece of stone running across it immediately gave the impression of a table tennis table. The Verde Giada marble was used on an unexpectedly light steel frame.

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Big Easy Rocks“ by Ron Arad.“Big Easy Rocks” was a chair carved out of a pile of marble chunks. The binding agent for the stones was transparent resin and the tool was a five-axis CNC machine.

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Rough With The Smooth“ by Ron Arad.“Rough With The Smooth” was also an armchair made of marble (Bianco di Covelano), but with a subtle self-irony on the part of the designer. He asks about his work: “What would Michelangelo do if he had a CNC milling machine, or what would I do if I could use a hammer and chisel?”

Citco, Stone Resilience: three murals “Strangeness“, “My God“ und “A Human“ as stone inlays by Saman Zahawi.Saman Zahawi presented three murals as stone inlays (from BIanco Thassos and Nero Belgio). “Strangeness”, “My God” and “A Human” were their titles, and they revolved around central questions of human existence. The dimensions of the panels were 100 x 50 cm and 1.5 cm thick.

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Radiance“ by Vian Rasool.Again from Vian Rasool was “Radiance” with the black marble Black Patagonia. “Like an altar, the marble holds a luminous, dancing flame. Its top, suspended above the ground, seems to float in the air. The simplicity of its design conceals a wealth of detail: every vein in the marble tells a thousand-year-old story, every engraving on the surface stands out in the warm light,“ to quote the description.

Citco, Stone Resilience: “Mercury“ by Zaha Hadid Architects.Citco, Stone Resilience: „Mercury“, Zaha Hadid Architects.

Citco, Stone Resilience.Citco, Stone Resilience.Citco, Stone Resilience.


Photos: Franco Chimenti

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