Design Day at the World Stone Congress in Xiamen (1): „Stone in Architecture and Interior Design“

World Stone Congress 2014, plenary session.

On March 07, 2016 at 10 a.m. will start the morning session about constructing with Marble, Granite et cetera

Update: complete program of the World Stone Congress 2016

The World Stone Congress (WSC) will again take place during the Xiamen Stone Fair (March 06 – 09, 2016) in the Congress Center on the fairground. During 3 days, international experts will give lectures about crucial topics of the stone branch, technical issues and latest trends.

The second day of the Congress is called „Design Day“ and is organized in cooperation between the Xiamen Fair and

Starting at 10 a.m., the morning session will have four lectures showing some of the most interesting examples of architecture with stone. The title of the event is „Stone in Architecture and Interior Design“ (see details below).

From 2 p.m. on, in the afternoon session, four lecturers will give an insight look into product design with stone. The title of this session is „Stone Products and How to Develop Them“ (please find details here).

Xiamen Stone Fair

The speakers of the morning session about architecture and interior design (March 07, 2016, 10 a.m.) and their topics are:

Magda Konstantinidou, Stone Group International, Greece: the Five-Star Hotel and Spa Pomegranate in Greece.

Magda Konstantinidou, Marketing & Communication Department of Stone Group International, Greece:

„Marble from Greece as a Worldwide Ambassador for Architecture”

Marble is a luxurious yet simple, also durable, formable and solid material. It contributes to an eternal style, contemporary or classical of any exceptional interior design, reflecting a way we want to live and work today.

In her lecture, Magda Konstantinidou will focus on the role marble can play in architecture and interior design, as it offers much more architectural possibilities than only cladding of façades or flooring. She will show examples like the Feodorovsky Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Five-Star-Hotel and Spa Pomegranate in Greece or the The Surf Club Four Seasons, Miami among others.

Stone Group International (1, 2)

Philipp Narbonne, Stones and Roses International: Residence Navathani, Bangkok.

Philipp Narbonne, owner and founder of Stones and Roses International (SRI), Thailand:

„Stone design in architecture projects and stone product design”

Philippe Narbonne will explain in how far stone selection is a sub-concept of the architecture: The selected stone needs to be an expression of the architectural concept. So stone plays a key role in architecture by ensuring the continuity between the outside and the inside. Also, he will elaborate Mies van der Rohe’s famous quote „God is in the details”: the two levels of perception and the necessity to create contrast.

Regarding product design, he will show that product innovation and branding is the future of the industry and how product design needs to focus on creating objects which can be ready made architectural sub-concepts as explained above. He will also discuss the context of intellectual property in reference to stone products.

Stones and Roses International (SRI) (1, 2, 3)

Mauro Lomba Martínez from Mauro Lomba-Arquitecto & Nemonon, Spain: Pousada de Ribadumia, Spain.

Mauro Lomba Martínez, Owner and founder of Mauro Lomba-Arquitecto & Nemonon, Spain:

„Emotional stone architecture”

The challenge of actual architecture is to preserve the culture and the regional characteristics in a globalized world. A deep respect for the social and natural environment, for people as well as for plants and animals, is in the focus of Spanish architect Mauro Lomba. This means that he chooses local stone and adapts his architecture to regional traditions and circumstances, if possible.

One example is the Pousada de Ribadumia in Galicia in the North of Spain: vineyards belong to that landscape, also large fields of grapevines, cordons and terraces. Also technically, it was a challenging project: the upright strips of local granite are 4.40 m high, 33 cm wide and 12 cm thick (and weigh some 470 kg each). In his lecture, Mauro Lomba will show this project and some more of his architectural ideas, e.g. the Pousada de Armenteira with another unusual stone façade.

Mauro Lomba – Arquitecto & Nemonon (1, 2)

Gilles Perraudin: winery constructed in massive stone, France.

Gilles Perraudin, chairman and founder of Perraudin Architectes, France

„Constructing in massive stone today: concept, benefits and limits shown by examples from housing and winery“

To reduce energy consumption and to limit global warming, we have decided to use natural material such as massive stone. Our agency has been building massive stone constructions for twenty years now.

Thanks to this experience, we are convinced that the use of stone brings many benefits if combined to the right organization of space and to an orientation tightly linked to each context.

Natural stone presents unique features such as a great inertia which allows creating a good indoor comfort and reducing inhabitants’ energy consumption. Massive stone buildings can be seen as savings bank of material for the future.

Constructing in massive stone can even reduce the costs of a building: Thanks to the use of prefabricated blocks, the constructor only has to stack the pre-cut stones on top of each other. Massive construction can be used for any purpose from individual housings to high-rise buildings, also to cultural centers including schools or wineries.

Perraudin Architectes (1, 2, 3)