Noah might have stepped on Armenian Orient company’s ARARAT travertine after the flood

Ararat travertine, polished, filled, cross cut.


Type of stone: travertine

Quarry: Ararat (Armenia)

Usage: Floors, wall cladding, mosaics, columns, staircases, balusters, cornices, cladding of fire places, bathrooms and swimming pools, hand rails, window sills, countertops, statues, fountains, etc.

Ararat travertine, calibrated, unfilled, cross cut.Ararat travertine, semi-polished, unfilled, vein cut.

Physical Characteristics:
Proportion gravity, kg/m³: 2500
Force resistance: 1138
Porosity, %: 4.5-10.1
Water absorptivity, %: 0.6-2.1
Freezing cycle: 25

Ararat travertine, polished, filled, vein cut.

Chemical Characteristics:
SiO2: 0-3.88
Al2O3: up to 2.24
Fe2O3: up to 1.70
MgO: 0.78
CaO: 51.15-56.00
SO3: 0.06-0.25
Other: 40.30-44.06

Orient Stone LLC, Armenia

Photos: Orient Stone

Ararat travertine: Hotel Rixos in Kazahstan.Ararat travertine: Building in Armenia.Ararat travertine: Building in Armenia.Ararat travertine: Wall in Armenia.

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