Stone Industry Fair in Moscow (April 03 – 06, 2018) will have a focus on new materials from Russia and from neigbouring countries

Marble „Arkassky“ with a unique color from <a href=""target="_blank">Biryusa PLC</a> company, Dagestan.

Shown will be travertines from Armenia, marbles from Caucasus and Ural, granites from Finish and Russian Karelia or from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine, among others

Natural stones from Russia and the neighboring countries will again be in the focus of Stone Industry Fair in Moscow (April 03 – 06, 2018). Shown will be different kinds of marble like the white stone from Koelga quarry (Ural), beige pinkish and bluish marble from Dagestan (Caucasus), fine pale-yellow marble streaked with pink from Karelia (Northern Russia).

Marble „Arkassky“ with a unique color from <a href=""target="_blank">Biryusa PLC</a> company, Dagestan.

Granite will form the biggest part of the show – it will be brought from quarries of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. Companies from Karelia will showcase their own gabbro-diabase of specific intense black color. Exquisite travertine of various tints of the yellow color imported mostly from Armenia will be a highlight.

The map shows the most important granite clusters in Russia: Karelia in the Northwest and Caucasus/Ural in the Southwest.

This year, due to the World Championship in soccer, the fair had the be moved from June to April.

As usual in the event, which had started as „Expostone” and was renamed in 1999, will also be presented stones from India, Italy, Iran, Spain, Finland, Brazil, China, South Africa and other countries.

Finished products will also play an important role at the exhibitors’ stands: stones for exterior, interior and landscape design, tiles for facades, stones for pavement, for artworks & decorative products, mosaics, grave monuments…

Not to forget the large variety of machinery and tools for quarrying and processing.

Russian white „Koelga marble from <a href=""target="_blank">Koelgamramo</a> company.Russian white „Koelga marble from <a href=""target="_blank">Koelgamramor</a> company.

Over 300 companies from 19 countries – Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Czechia, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, Russia, San-Marino, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan – are expected to take part at the area exceeding 7 000 m² on the modern fairground.

At the conference, lecture topics will be:
* „Restoration works with natural stone application in the framework of the State program of preservation of the cultural heritage of Russia. Problems and solutions”, organized by Moscow Mining Institute (MGI) within Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys National Research Technological University (NITU MISiS);
* „Wow-effects produced by application of stone in the interior design. Review of global trends”;
* „Grave errors of designers when applying natural stone in different areas”;
* „Engineered stone in the interior design: advantages, downsides, opportunities, and costs”;
* „Combination of stone with other materials”;
* „Installation of natural and engineered stone in interiors: mistakes by designers and corrections by builders” and more.

Russian granite (Garnet Amphibolite) „Tundra” from <a href=""target="_blank"> Vozrozhdenie</a> company.Russian granite (Migmatite Garnet Amphibolite) „Ice Tundra” from <a href=""target="_blank"> Vozrozhdenie</a> company.

The Exhibition is organized by Expodesign MA Ltd. with the participation of Italian Confindustria Marmomacchine and German Hummel GmbH under the support of Russian Chamber of Industry & Commerce, Association of Builders of Russia, Moscow Union of Designers, Russian Society of Construction Engineers, Russian Union of Architects, Russian Union of Builders and Union of Moscow Architects.

Stone Industry, Moscow, April 03 – 06, 2018

Logo of Stone Industry trade fair, Moscow

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