6th Design Competition of the Turkish Natural Stone Trade Organization IMIB

Particpants of the IMIB desgin 2017 competition together with the yury.

Ideas entered for the competition are no-longer restricted to avant-garde concepts but show more and more marketable products

„Taşa Hayat Ver” (Give Stone a Life) was the title of the Turkish Trade Organization’s (IMIB) Design-Competition 2017 sponsored in part by the Ministry of Finance. Ali Kahyaoğlu, the Organization’s then President, had voiced criticism aimed at avant-garde entries, in the years before. Now marketable household items have become the center of focus.

As a result, many inconspicuous items, not seen in design competitions abroad, competed for best prize.

But these are the items for which there is a market, as some online portals have proven.

The total number of entries was constant as compared to the previous year. Some 518 drafts were submitted, of which 493 were accepted. 185 student projects (compared to 2016: 248) and 308 professionals (2016: 258) competed for the prizes.

Surprisingly, a total of 58 centers of higher education sent their best and brightest making up for almost the entire landscape of university design centers in Turkey. Professionals are those who have already completed studies of higher education or have been active as stonemasons for seven years or more.

As was the case last year, prizes were lavishly endowed with a purse of 15,000 Turkish Lira (US-$ 7,600; € 7,200) to 7,500 Turkish Lira (US-$ 1,900; € 1,800), or for student entries 10,000 to 2,500 Turkish Lira. Students also received multiple honorable mentions, for which a purse of 1,000 Turkish Lira was awarded.

Prizes were grouped into four categories, i.e.: decorative items including décor, furniture, household items and more, hotel lobby and shopping mall including Turkish baths and bathrooms, and, cladding for floors and walls.


We show the award-winning ideas. A complete listing of all entries can be seen in Turkish on the webpage. There, professional entries top the page with two brochures followed by student entries.

Photos/Renderings: IMIB/Designer

Students, Category decorative products, 1st prize: Burak Koçak (MSGS University), natural stone furnace „Caleo“.Students, Category decorative products, 3rd prize: Aybüke Göler, Koral Oral (Özyeğin University): „Keyf-i Çay”. Composed of three pieces the object allows to choose different designs.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Abdulkadir Öztürk, Yaşar Gürbaz (Karabük University): „Lightingpark“. Hollowed marble columns contain lights and slits to park bicycles.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Aydin Algan (Anadolu University): „Clock“.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Aydin Algan (Anadolu University): Hall stand combining stone and wood.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Ceyda Korkmaz (Marmara University): „Hitorg“. Movable lamp made with onyx.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Doğan Can Kisacik (Akdeniz University): Contemporary bath.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Emine Yildirim (Erciyes University): „Code0“. Information accessible through the QR-Code.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Tuğba Saridemir (Erciyes University): „Noble“, chess.Students, Category decorative products, Honorable Mention: Uygar Çankya (Bilecik University): „Gaia“.Professionals, 1st prize, Category decorative products: Edilzalp Akin (Kadir Has University): „Dome“.Professionals, 2nd prize, Category hotel lobby: Fatih Kuzu (MSGS University), Ozan Yalçin (MSGS University): „Slide Sands“.Professionals, 3rd prize, Category decorative products: Mehmet Ali Şanli (Karadeniz Teknik University), Filiz Yilmaz (Kocaeli University): „Halley“.

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