Turkish Company Silkar/Akdo shows what millimeter-thin stone sheets can do

Silkar/Akdo: „YinYang“.

Technical novelties do not always compete with the original marble or granite

We had briefly reported in an earlier edition on AkdoLAM, Silkar/Akdo Company’s millimeter thin laminated material. Other companies already have such an ultra-thin material in their program.

The implementation is what brings us back to the subject and AkdoLAM. Their propagation methods are worth a closer look: AkdoLAM, not a lighter and cheaper alternative, i.e. a competitor to marble but rather an innovative material with a whole new range of possibilities.

The latest project in a series is dubbed „YinYang“. It was developed by design students and submitted in a competition at the Izmir Marble Trade Fair. It collected one of the prizes awarded.

Silkar/Akdo: „YinYang“.

YinYang is not only interesting in its implementation of flowing shapes in two types of marble, which designer Mert Taş gave his piece with the aid of 3D-glassfibre, but also and perhaps most importantly, the wide flexible arch achieved by shaping the material. Behind this new stone-shape stands an innovative bending-technology at precise temperatures.

Interim conclusion: the company is not satisfied with the new technology of ultra-thin stone alone. It values and seeks new implementation and craftsmanship skills such as arching or bending.

Silkar/Akdo: „Marble Garden“.Silkar/Akdo: „Marble Garden“.

A precursor project, „Marble Garden“, came to life as a piece by young architects in a competition. The award went to PIN Architects. It, too, had increased the value of AkdoLAM by adding novel technology, i.e. a special way of stacking slabs one over the other.

What’s more: „Biophilic Design“ was what Gökhan Karakuş, of Emedya Design Studio, curator of the competition, called the entry. Biophilic means that there is common ground between man and life in nature which can serve to further both.

In the case of Marble Garden, the idea was to combine natural material and flora to create a healthy environment.

The second conclusion was that technological innovation can increase in value by giving it an emotional twist. Thus, stone becomes the carrier of nature, health, and healing…

No wonder then, that part of Marble Gardens is now integrated in an Istanbul Hospital.

Technological specifics to AkdoLAM can be looked up on the Webpage.

Of course, the stone is prone to crack or tear if sheets are too thin or bent too far. But the resin holds the material together. In the case of YinYang the strips of stone are 2.4 m-long. Coping with such sensitive material requires special know-how in itself.

„We have been working on this for the last 4 years and keep learning“, writes Aşkın Çağatay soberly. She is Akdo’s marketing manager.

The company’s website also shows another possible implementation for AkdoLAM: flooring of a luxury hotel in Chicago.


Video YinYang

Video Marble Garden

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