„Young Creative Ideas Platform” – second appearance at the Marble Trade Fair Izmir

Competitors with the 25 best models.

„Different“ was this year’s motto of the design students’ competition in Turkey

The Turkish stone branch goes to great length and makes every effort to break into international markets with high-end goods. The trade organizations have been staging competitions for young designers for some years now, and the Izmir „Marble“ Trade Fair jumped on the bandwagon two years ago with the „Young Creative Ideas Platform”.

This year, the motto of the competition was „Different“.

Design students and studio staff between the ages of 18 and 30 developed and presented household products in natural stone. The competition is about true industrial design, i.e. items which can be put to use in daily life, and which can be mass-produced at reasonable costs.

Prize winner: „Vestro“ was the name Oğuz Boz of Middle East Technical University gave his wardrobe. He implemented „AkdoTwin“ thin stone by Akdo.Prize winner: „O-lite” was the name of a lamp by Öykü Ceylan of Marmara University. She implemented „AkdoTwin“ thin stone by Akdo.

There were 112 entries – 39 more than last year: a remarkable increase. One can conclude that more Turkish design universities have taken up natural stone in their curriculum. A purse of 5,000 Turkish Lira each (currently valued at 860 US-$) awaited the three award-winners.

Prize winner: „Orpheus design” by Faruk Yılmaz of Bahçeşehir University and Simersan company.

The 25 best entries could be taken up for production. The prototypes were presented at the Fair. The distinguishing factor of this competition is that natural stone producers must participate as cooperative partners next to the designers. We described the process some issues back.

The companies competed for the Best Cooperation Awards which went to Sirmersan, Akdo und Granitaş.

Marble, Izmir (April 01 – 04, 2020)

Photos: Odul Turreni / Akdo

Special Trade Organization EIB Prize: „Nova“ by Edanur Fettahoğlu of the Ankara Hacettepe University Vocat. Company: Metamar.

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