For its second collection Marsotto LAB again cooperated with Lausanne’s ECAL School of Fine Art

Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: 2. collection.

Students designed simple and aesthetically pleasing household items in black and white marble

„Simple yet functional objects” are at the focus of Marsotto LAB’s second collection, newcomer in Marsotto Edizioni’s series. One can quote the press release, but it is only half the truth: the true center of focus at Marsotto Design is always the material, in this case white and black marble respectively.

The current collection is a cooperation of Marsotto LAB and ECAL School of Fine Arts (École cantonale d’art de Lausanne) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Graduate students of Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship had the opportunity to visit the company headquarters in Verona.

Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: vase „Vortex”, design: Nabhadr Apiwanopas.Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „Cooler“, design: Bhimanshu Pandel.

Here they became acquainted with production machinery as well as „specific properties of marble, namely its weight, hardness and aesthetics“, according to the press documentation.

What at first might seem trivial is, in fact, a quantum leap: for the first time a producer of natural stone design names particular properties of marble. Usually stone is merely described as aesthetically pleasing in one form or another.

Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „Slide“, design: An Taniguchi.Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „Oracolo“, design: Charalampos Potzidis.

But knowing the properties is the precondition for suitable implementation and finally doing marble justice.

French designer Pierre Charpin led the project. The results were presented to the public at Fuorisalone which runs parallel to Milan’s Salone del Mobile Trade Fair in April 2019.

Marsotto LAB

Photos: Younes.Klouche

Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „L’Origine“, design: Charalampos Potzidis.Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „Totem“, design: Nathan Gramage.Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „Pattern“, design: Beatrice Barbieri.Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „Tracce“, design: Lorenzo Giovannoni.Marsotto LAB – ECAL 2019: „Steps“, design: Somchai Thumthatanukul.

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