Friulmosaic: Mosaic art with geometric shapes

Friulmosaic: „Poligoni“.Friulmosaic: „Poligoni“.

Italian company takes up on modern influence and the ancient art of Tesserae

„The ancient art of mosaics conquers design“, writes Italian Company Friulmosaic. With that they mean that mosaics are in high demand by interior designers for adding a special touch to living quarters and business places (e.g. bey Dolce & Gabbana in Venice) and this falls back on traditional craftsmanship.

Friulmosaic: „Poligoni“.

One case in point by San Marino al Tagliamento-based Friulmosaic is its collection „Poligoni“ (polygons): here the tesserae stones, much enlarged and in the shape of polygons compose an irregular picture but one where the geometric origin is nevertheless visible. The design is the work of FM Studio.

Friulmosaic: „Poligoni“.

„Poligoni“ are available in three different sizes in white and in black marble. The wall cladding is particularly appealing because the irregular joints enhance the hues of the stone.

Classic mosaic art but with a modern design is presented in the catalogs „Design“ and „Contemporaneo“ on the company webpage. The designs are all hand crafted.

Friulmosaic: „Tessere“.Friulmosaic: „Tessere“.Friulmosaic: „Tessere“.

The collection „Tesserae“ ensued from a cooperation with designer Luisa Bocchietto. The motifs are the result of intense study of weaving. The Tesserae-stones measure 1.5 x 1.5 cm and are 1 cm thick.

This is true also for the art-work in the pictures below.

Friulmosaic (Italian)

Photos: Friulmosaic

Friulmosaic: „Pesce“.Friulmosaic: „Grottesca“.Friulmosaic: „Grottesca“.Friulmosaic: „Pavone“.

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