Novelties from the design brand Favius: the „Sediment” tables by Besau-Marguerre play with the geology

Studio Besau-Marguerre, Favius: „Sediment“.

The polished surfaces of the tabletops are covered with matt strips produced by sandblasting

„Sediment” is the name of the new tables of the German design brand Favius. They are available in 2 sizes, namely as coffee table or as side table. The name suggests that geology is being played with here.

Because the designers of the Hamburg studio Besau-Marguerre use marble for the table tops, and here at the latest the observer notices that the name „sediment” is only meant symbolically: marble is not a sedimentary rock, but is formed when former limestone is transformed in the earth’s interior in a process of metamorphosis.

Studio Besau-Marguerre, Favius: „Sediment“.

The designers have chosen the colorful, striking varieties Giallo Reale and Verde Guatemala. One of the special features of the exceptional design are the roughened ribbons which are drawn over the polished surface by sandblasting.

If one were to erect these bands, there would be sedimentary structures on top of each other, if you like.

Studio Besau-Marguerre, Favius: „Sediment“.

Sandblasting sounds simple from the manufacturing point of view, but it is not. Because the edges of the tabletops are completely free of the traces of this processing – this can only be achieved with know-how.

The surface of the tables is impregnated so that, for example, coffee that is spilt can be wiped away.

A clear contrast to the rather playful tabletops is the frame of the piece of furniture: straight lines of solid, lacquered oak in the same color as the top.

A small detail is that the frame „allows a see-through view”, as the press release says. This makes the whole piece of furniture look light.

Hanne Willmann, Favius: „Flakes“.

Another novelty in the Favius range is the „Flakes” table lamp by designer Hanne Willmann, who contributed the „Gravity” table to the collection in 2019. It is a mouth-blown lamp object, available in blue, white and black.

The striking elements on the surface are created by applying colored glass grains by hand. This also makes each piece unique.


Studio Besau-Marguerre

Studio Hanne Willmann

Photos: Favius

Eva Marguerre und Marcel Besau.Hanne Willmann.

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