Dellostudio: dancing vases for dried plants

Dellostudio for Mondo Marmo Design.

The designers Oscar Piccolo und Charlotte Taylor have created decorative everyday objects for the Italian company Mondo Marmo Design

The objects in the photo above are vases, so the designers Oscar Piccolo und Charlotte Taylor say, and you have to believe them. However, questions remain: where should the water for the plant be filled in, and where should the stems go?

The answers to these questions are self-evident if you look at the following photos: the designers have created vases for dried plants here.

Dellostudio for Mondo Marmo Design.

After all, some greenery has a very special beauty in the dried stage, and in addition, dried seeds to survive the winter until next spring without damage.

Dellostudio for Mondo Marmo Design.Dellostudio for Mondo Marmo Design.

The shapes that Dellostudio gave these vases warrant a closer look. In our impression, they have something of a dancing quality, as if the left and right halves had only come together closely for a moment, as perhaps in a tango.

The material is different types of marble, which are processed by the company Mondo Marmo Design, based in the Valpantena valley not far from Verona.

The Creative Director of Mondo Marmo Design is Matteo Leorato.


Mondo Marmo Design

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