French company Ateliers Zelij launches a new collection with stone and terrazzo

Ateliers Zelij.Ateliers Zelij.

Designer Samir Mazer with origin in Morocco plays with geometric shapes and combines
this time stone, marble and full-mass terrazzo from Portugal

Ateliers Zelij is a French company which describes itself as “Creator of Surfaces”. It was founded in the late 90s and had a focus on cement tiles. In its latest press release, it informs about a new collection with stone and terrazzo:

Ateliers Zelij continues its revolution in surface coverings with the Stone & Terrazzo collection. A creative turning point for the French brand that combines
this time stone, marble and full-mass terrazzo, all sourced in Portugal. This original mix of materials is a resolutely contemporary signature, the assembly of which takes up the best sellers Ateliers Zelij models and the exclusive designs of Samir Mazer.

Ateliers Zelij.

With Stone & Terrazzo, Samir Mazer applies his designs and new creations to new scales and finishes.

Ateliers Zelij.Ateliers Zelij.

Stone, marble and Terrazzo offer new possibilities. Normally sought-after products for basic formats (squares, rectangles), here diverted and revisited around the mosaic that can be ordered in small formats pre-assembled on a net as well as in large sizes to adapt to all scales of projects.

“Preservation is not enough to keep a culture alive, it must also be reinvented,” says Samir Mazer. Of Moroccan origin, he is a visionary artist who has chosen handcrafted surfaces with their irregularities and sensual textures to create rhythmic patterns. Coming from sculpture with a remarkable artistic sensibility, he develops his technical know-how to perfect his approach to design. Attached to the culture of the Mediterranean basin, Samir Mazer is interested in the fusion between design and craftsmanship. Through his research, he breaks with forms, plays with contrasts and nuances in order to project surface coverings and know-how into tomorrow’s world.

Ateliers Zelij

Photos: Ateliers Zelij

Ateliers Zelij.

(12.09.2020; USA: 09.12.2020)