(Christmas-)Gifts for people who adore natural stone

Puzzle of the near side of the moon.

Like in the years before, Stone-Ideas.com’s editors have collected some inspirations for presents from the wide culture of marble, granite & Co

Our list is not meant to give real suggestions, but rather ideas in which product categories natural stone fans might find beautiful and also useful items.

Jigsaw puzzles often present photos of castles or cathedrals. For experts, we recommend the one of the near side of the moon with 1000 pieces and nearly 70 cm (26.5″) diameter.

DeskSpace reproduces the celestial bodies of our solar system in exotic types of natural stone. The sun made of yellow calcite shines like a real star / Decoration e.g. for desk or mantelpiece

Calendars showing natural stones are available in abundance. E.g. those from the Dry Stone Walling Associations. Also bed linen with such decor.

But unique are the creations of the Italian designers of FiliPari, two Italian designers who use natural stone powder for rain jackets and more for women.

Ring Grips “so you don’t drop your phone and which are great for a stand as well” is how Mikol Marmi describes its newest product. The company specializes in ideas for the usage of super-thin natural stone.

Italian SA.GE.VAN company has marble design objects ranging from furniture to decorative pebbles and bottle openers. Easter bunnies are available in several variations.

Holds made of natural stone for climbing or bouldering in artificial walls are produced by German Stoned company.

Cooee Design is a company from Scandinavia which has small sculptures and objects made of limestone and marble.

Ideas for product design with stone, for example decorative objects such as vases and pieces of furniture, are continuously listed in our “Design News / Archive” section.

The list of publications about stones is endless. We only mention “Sand“ by Oliver Lenzen (German/English, 21 x 31 cm, Softcover, Snoeck Verlagsgesellschaft, ISBN 978-3-86442-320-8) that has a focus on die diversity of the grains.

We had already listed a lot more objects and companies in the list of the last years. E.g., Greek company Chatzisavvas’ snow lakes and mini christmas trees.

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