Xiamen Stone Fair 2021 will be held from May 18 to 21, as the first hybrid natural stone show

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There will be on-site visitors and exhibitors, and as a digital extension, the “Cloud“, which will continue throughout the year

From May 18 to 21, 2021, Xiamen Stone Fair will be held as the 1st natural stone fair in the world in hybrid form. That is: there is a part life on those 4 days in May and a part on the Internet.

Partially, the digital offers are already available online in the virtual “Cloud“. It is the online extension of the real trade fair and will remain available throughout the year. By this, the organizers want to offer new services to their exhibitors and visitors.

Already available, for example, is the “Smart Manufacturing in Progress“ which will feature new machines for processing natural stone. The organizers want to take into account the fact that the construction industry is increasingly interested in the environmentally friendly material and that new ideas in architecture and design are constantly emerging.

For some time now, the “Quarry Planet“ series has been available in the Cloud. There, quarries from all over the world present themselves and their products.

Also, various company videos can already be accessed on the website, as well as some of the fair’s own short films.

Other novelties in the program of the 1st Cloud within this 21st fair will be characterized by interactivity. They are:
* B2B meetings, bringing together sellers and buyers by matchmaking software,
* “Virtual Guided Tours“, which are digital tours through the fairground where attendees can select the most interesting booths.

Speaking of the real Fair, the 3rd edition of “Stone Infinite“ will be bigger and more diverse than before, this in Hall A 1 at the exhibition center.

If so far it had been a presentation product design ideas with natural stone, where designers from all over the world showed objects for everyday use, this time other field of creative use of natural stone will be covered. For example, kitchens and bathrooms will be presented, as well as artistic ideas.

The main title is “Stones in Daily Life“: it is divided into 6 sections, in which – also in lectures – the “infinite possibilities of stone“ are treated.

This includes the “Habitat Design & Life Festival“.

Inquiries to the international team of the fair: Mrs Marsha TSAI and Mrs Christabel ZHANG (Mail).

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