The international sculpture symposium in Sprimont in Belgium 2021 will last only 5 days (August 25 – 29) and will allow only tools with muscle power

The symposium poster.

“Les Éphémères de la Pierre“ (perhaps: “Stone, only for a short time“) is the title under which 13 artists from Belgium will work in the natural stone center not far from Liège

The international sculpture symposium in Sprimont in Belgium, not far from Liège, was founded in 1994 and is considered an institution among these events. But this year it also faces a special situation due to Covid-19, and the organizers had to find an unusual solution: the symposium will take place, but it will be shortened to 5 days (August 25-29, 2021), and this time, only sculptors from Belgium will be present.

Even more: just as the pandemic has set particular challenges for the whole world, special rules will apply to the participants: only tools with muscle power are allowed.

Les Éphémères de la Pierre is the event’s title, translated perhaps “Stone, only for a short time.“

As usual, the venue is the area in front of the former power plant in Sprimont, where the Center d’Interpretation de la Pierre (CIP) is based. This is an institution that intends to draw public attention to natural stone. There is sufficient space to comply with social distancing.

The 13 artists from Belgium are: Sylvain Patte, Jozia Gozdz, Bruno Martin, Manon Hugenin, Gianfranco Mancini, Sandrine Brasseur, Pierre Closset, Gerd Zilles, Cesar Tognocchi, Henk Korthuys, Michel Musial, Fabrice Bellery and Henry Hardy.

Various events will be held simultaneously with the symposium.

Les Éphémères de la Pierre

Stadt Sprimont

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