Schweinstaler Sandstein, a buntsandstein with a wide range of colors from Carl Picard Natursteinwerk in Germany

Schweinstaler Sandstein (Schweinstal sandstone).

Name of the stone: Schweinstaler Sandstein (Schweinstal sandstone)

Stone Type: buntsandstein

Color: a broad spectrum ranging from pale to brick red through to light violet, yet it also has yellow-brown to yellow-white elements too. The variations make each piece of our stone unique.

Schweinstaler Sandstein (Schweinstal sandstone).

Quarry location: Schweinstal near Kaiserslautern, Germany
Peculiarities of the stone: There are two main mining levels in our quarry, an upper one characterized by shades of yellow and white stone, while at depths of up to six meters below, a striking spectrum of red tones catches the eye. “Ripple marks“, wave-like structures within the surface in some parts, demonstrate that the layers were once created by flowing water. How large stone mined from our quarry can be was demonstrated in 2000 with a block of nearly 12 meters length.

Schweinstaler Sandstein (Schweinstal sandstone).

* construction: wall cladding and flooring inside and outside, stairs, window sills…
* gardening: walls, pathway slabs…
* the stone is also a favorite material for sculptors because of its color variations and softness

Finishes: honed ???

Frost resistant: yes

„Share Happyness“ by Hiroyuki Asakawa made of Schweinstal sandstone. From the Schweinstal Sculpture Symposium 2017.

Company: Carl Picard Natursteinwerk is a family business founded by the Picard brothers in 1896. At that time, round grindstones were at the core of fabrication. They were sold all over Germany and also exported. Today, the company’s focus is on supplying materials for construction, gardening, and artists.

Contact: Carl Picard Natursteinwerk, Schweinstal 3, D-67706 Krickenbach
Tel: 06307 – 337
Fax: 06307 – 7070

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