Miscellaneous: ideas all around natural stone

This image shows several craters in Arabia Terra. Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of ArizonaNasa-scientists found evidence that a region of northern Mars called Arabia Terra experienced thousands of “super eruptions,“ the biggest volcanic events known, over a 500-million-year period. These structures may help to better understand volcanism on the Earth as they were not altered or washed away by erosion.

TISE fair in Las Vegas will have a Women’s Leadership Conference on Monday, January 31, 2022, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Natural Stone Institute cooperates with the fair’s organizers to realize the new Stone Pavilion (1, 2).

The French Geological Service (BRGM) has listed more than 890,000 underground structures (drillings, boreholes, wells or excavation works) on the country’s territory (French).

In 2021, the granite sector in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh was in the doldrums due to governmental decisions, high shipping costs and galloping fuel prices, The Hindu reports.

“Natural stone and timbers have become particularly in vogue in gardens across the country,“ the Sydney Morning Herald informs its readers.

An 8,500-year-old marble statuette has been discovered in the Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk in central Turkey.

At the Calatrava bridge in Venice, trachyte stone shall replace the slippery glass steps.

A documentation describes David Chipperfield Architects‘ refurbishment of Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin by (1, 2).

Video of the Month: “Passion for natural stone is not a question of age“ is the message of a video by ProNaturstein, an association of leading Swiss stone companies. It shows how a young boy builds a hut in the mountains.

(12.01.2022, USA: 01.12.2022)