Lapicida’s Gramercy Park Collection echoes the geometry of the buildings in Manhattan and a little of the exclusivity of some residential neighborhoods there

Lapicida: “Gramercy Park North“.

The British company has released marble tiles with a straightforward design for that special style

“Gramercy Park“ is the name of a new collection of marble tiles from British company Lapicida. The design, with simple geometric shapes, is inspired by the architecture of New York City, according to press information. The name reflects exclusivity: Gramercy Park is the name of an affluent neighborhood in Manhattan as well as a small private park there, to which only residents have the key and for which they also pay.

Lapicida stands for noble design and wealth, albeit for elegance and noble restraint rather than for luxury and ostentatious waste.

Lapicida: “Gramercy Park East“.Lapicida: “Gramercy Park South“.Lapicida: “Gramercy Park West“.

Five decors in three distinct types of marble are part of the collection: North, South, East and West are their names, just like street names in the USA: here different geometric shapes are combined with different stones. In addition, there are variants with only one type of stone.

The company’s press release says: “Hardwearing and highly decorative, the collection is perfect for bringing drama and sophistication to interiors.“

Lapicida: “Gramercy Park“.Lapicida: “Gramercy Park North“.

Lapicida is based in Knaresborough, a small town in New Yorkshire County with many of the historic buildings familiar from England. “Lapicida’s artisan stonemasons work alongside technicians operating advanced stone-working equipment, together creating bespoke floors, walls and objects,“ reads the company’s self-promotion.


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(18.02.2022, USA: 02.18.2022)