Salone del Mobile (3): our photo gallery shows examples of how natural stone is used in contemporary furniture design

<a href=""target="_blank">Lenzi</a>.

In many cases, stone appears as small but effective accents in the design / Opportunities also for limestones and sandstones

In our reports from the furniture fair in Milan (Salone del Mobile) this year (June 07 – 12, 2022), we had stated that the so-called Wild Stones, i.e. varieties with bold colors and eye-catching structures, were used in furniture construction more than before. According to our impression, such stones appeared as special design accents in all Italian luxury brands, for the first time.

What’s more: this decade‘s trend to use natural stone in furniture construction was stronger than before.

<a href=""target="_blank">Longhi</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Longhi</a>.

Please note: we are not talking about furniture made of stone, which mostly cannot be sold and has a raison d’être at best as an artwork or as a functional sculpture. We are talking about furniture with stone.

In our photo gallery, we give an overview of the use of natural stone in current furniture design.

Salone del Mobile 2023, April 18 – 23

<a href=""target="_blank">Opera Contemporary</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Turri</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Turri</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Longhi</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Turri</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Frigerio</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Boca do Lobo</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Sicis</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Luxxu</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Oniro</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Carlo Frattini</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Lenzi</a>.

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