Marmomac 2022, The Plus Theatre (3): „Brand & Stone 4.0“, konzipiert und kuratiert von Danilo Di Michele

Marmomac 2022, The Plus Theatre: „Brand & Stone 4.0“.

Die Ausstellung versteht sich als experimenteller Designraum für Artefakte aus Naturstein von führenden Möbel-/Designmarken

Die Marmomac hat ihr ehemaliges „Italian Stone Theatre“ in „The Plus Theatre“ umbenannt und ist damit von Halle 1 in Halle 10 umgezogen. Die Schau ist nach wie vor der Ort für innovative Ideen, was in Produktdesign, Architektur und Kunst aus Marmor, Granit & Co gemacht werden kann. Wir veröffentlichen die Pressetexte zu 4 der Präsentationen:

BRAND & STONE 4.0, konzipiert und kuratiert von Danilo Di Michele, ist eine wichtige Ausstellung, die als experimenteller Designraum für Artefakte aus Naturstein von führenden Möbel- und Designmarken gedacht ist. Ziel ist es, gemeinsame Aspekte – wie Know-how, maschinelle Fertigung und kreatives Design – zu vermitteln und zu veranschaulichen, die die Substanz des Steins und seine unzähligen besonderen Merkmale und Unterschiede definieren.

Die Ausstellung, die bereits zum 4. Mal stattfindet, zielt darauf ab, Designstudios sowie international renommierte Designer und Firmen aus der Steinbranche zu einem Treffen zusammenzubringen, das mit einer eingehenden Kenntnis des Themas beginnt, um neue Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit und mögliche Geschäftsentwicklungen durch einzigartige Projekte zu schaffen. Diese sollen später auf den Märkten präsentiert werden.

Jede Marke entwickelt Produkte, die beweisen, dass Marmor, Granit und Natursteine unersetzliche Materialien in der Welt des Designs und der Architektur von gestern, heute und morgen sind.


Danilo di Michele

Fotos: Ennevi / Marmomac

Aira.Aira.Aira: Marcantonio, who created this work, is an artist before being a designer. Objects must therefore dialogue with people, communicate. Not only be designed for a function. In many cultures of the world, the branch is always loaded with positive meanings linked to nature, man, spirituality. Marcantonio’s idea of transforming a branch into a light source arose from the desire to amplify this positive valence and to create an object that is functional but at the same time can act as a stimulus to the soul.
Brand: Horm
Designer: Marcantonio
Production: Marmo Elite
Materials: Bronzo Placcato Oro 24k, Bianco Carrara Lucido, Nero Marquinia Lucido, Sodalite Blu Lucido, Onice Rosa Lucido, Azul Macaubas Lucido, Nero Port Laurent Lucido, Travertino Levigato, Onice Bianco Lucido

Demetra.Demetra: Demetra is the new entry in BiancoBianco’s latest collection, an indoor separator that fully embodies its name. The work is in fact made of natural stone but completely reflects the softness, flexibility and lightness of leaves found in nature. This is because two deep- rooted limitations in the stone industry are deconstructed: it is not static and heavy, but rather adaptable to the environment in which it is presented, thanks to its undulating shape that allows it to be freely positioned and curved. The ductility of the piece allows it to adapt in the ambience, delimiting areas and creating different intimate spaces, due to the multiplicity of designs and formats in which Demetra is exhibited.
Designer: Giorgio Canale
Production: Remax Marmi, Santa Margherita
Materials: Palladio Doge, Palladio Moro

Face à Face.Face à Face.Face à Face: The new bathtub of architectural marks launches of the collaboration between Agape and the French architect Jean Nouvel. Thanks to an ingenious system of invisible joints, in the construction of the bathtub the surfaces appear to simply approach one another side by side. The surfaces brush gently against one another, and thanks to the extremely precise inclination of the panels that become the backrests, the bathtub is transformed into a cozy nest where you can sit, stretch out, read, and relax. Like the washbasin, this piece is an abstract object that uses contrast to enhance the almost baroque splendor of the marble.
Brand: Agape
Designer: Jean Nouvel
Production: Grassi Pietre
Materials: Marmo Nero Marquinia Levigato

V294.V294.V294: The typical attention to detail of the Made in Italy production and all pieces created by FORMITALIA Luxury Group allows ASTON MARTIN’s V294 to have a multiple choice of fabrics and leathers in several colors, so as to create a cinema environment that can meet all possible tastes. The relax mechanism, the adjustable headrest and the cup holder give absolute comfort that can be fully customized to suit the customer’s needs. The hollowed front panel that encloses a small vertical LED in the center is, with its faceted lines, the central jewel of the entire composition giving elegance and harmony.
Brand: Formitalia Luxury Group – Aston Martin Home
Designer: Formitalia Design Studio – Aston Martin Design Studio
Production: Gruppo Tosco Marmi
Materials: Marble Palissandro oniciato

Michelangelo e i Preziosi.Michelangelo e i Preziosi.Michelangelo e i Preziosi: Michelangelo is the new dining table supported by four legs which remind the shape of a boot, as to underline the value of the Made in Italy. The Michelangelo table owes its name to the material used for its creation: the precious Michelangelo Carrara marble, used by the sculptor Michelangelo to sculpt the Pietà. To enrich the work we have the Preziosi, a set of three small tables adorned with precious stones: Flut with Green Malachite, Wander, with a revolving top in Tiger’s Eye and Bronze, and Maggie, an elegant marble magazine rack that blends with metal in a 24 carat gold finish and Wolf’s Tooth Amethyst.
Brand: Bellavista Collection
Designer: Attilio Zanni
Production: Arte Marmi – Didoni
Materials: Marmo Statuario Michelangelo Carrara, Malachite Verde, Occhio di Tigre, Ametista Dente di Lupo

Don Pako.Don Pako.Don Pako, designed by Stefano Giovannoni, is a dining table whose round top with a diameter of 110cm is supported by the sinuous trunk of an elephant. Made of white Carrara marble gives a touch of elegance to your spaces, it is perfect for lunches and dinners both indoors and outdoors.
Brand: Qeeboo Milano
Designer: Stefano Giovannoni
Production: Silvestri Marmi
Materials: Marmo di Carrara

The Plus Theatre 2022: weitere Projekte

* „Visionary Stone“ des Industrie-Designers Raffaello Galiotto
* „Etica_Litica“ (Ethik in Stein) kuratiert von der ADI Delegation Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige
* „Marmomac Meets Adacemies“ kuratiert von Giuseppe Fallacara und Domenico Potenza

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