Miscellaneous: news all around natural stone and rock

The new Cosmave-Logo.The association of the marble sector around Carrara, Cosmave, has adopted a new logo: the rectangle in the center is reminiscent of the magazine VersiliaProduce (whose latest issues we regularly present in the Left Column on our webpage), the full squares and empty rectangles represent stone blocks, semi-finished and finished products. The fact that they are intertwined is to emphasize the network and its members‘ cooperation. In another post already in November, the association had declared a “red alert“ facing energy costs and freight rates (Italian: 1, 2)

In Brazil’s capital Brasília, thousands of supporters of the previous president Bolsonaro have stormed various government buildings on January 08, 2023. They do not accept the election of the new president Lula da Silva. For the buildings from the 1960s by architect Oscar Niemeyer, together with the city center in the status of a Unesco World Heritage Site, white marble from the south of the country had been used. A video on the Guardian’s webpage shows considerable destruction (1, 2).

Ancient owl-shaped slate plaques found in tombs and pits across the Iberian Peninsula, thought to be deities or ritual items, resemble very much geometric patterns children like to draw.

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake, or marsquake, happened in May 2022 and lasted more than four hours, releasing 5 times more energy than any previously recorded quake on the Red Planet. It revealed layers in the planet‘s crust that could indicate a past collision with a massive object, such as a meteoroid, UCLA scientists write.

Elgin Marbles 1: Pope Francis has ordered the Vatican Museums to return 3 Parthenon fragments to Greece, the Washington Post reports.

Elgin Marbles 2: The Guardian reports that secret talks about the return of the Parthenon marble have been under way for more than a year (1, 2).

Myanmar’s military regime is planning to restart the Nayputaung marble stone production project in Taungup Township, Arakan State.

Valheim Mistlands is a digital game. In the latest issue, players have to gather Black Marble using a pickaxe.

CBS News has a report about robot arms used for sculpting.

Natural stones “are the ultimate symbol of luxury and exclusivity, as nothing artificial can ever match their striking allure,“ the magazine Architect and Interiors India states in a report about the 2023 trends.

The Atlanta History Center (AHC) is premiering its first-ever documentary film with a look at the history of the Confederate monument carved on Stone Mountain.

23 astronomical events to look out for in 2023 have been compiled on the Stacker webpage.

National Geographic has published its pictures of the year 2022.

Video of the Month: “Nature in the Quarry“ was the name of a series in which we described plants and animals in active quarries. Here, we present a special version of the topic, so to say: it is a big black dog watching the meticulous loading of a stone block in the mountains of Carrara. Maybe the smart animal read the word “Cat“ on the heavy wheel loader and hopes that, after work is completed, it will find the kitten and have some fun chasing it around the quarry.

(10.01.2023, USA; 01.10.2023)