ARABESCATO CORCHIA, a white marble with “ovulated“ veins in gray-blue to gray-green, quarried at 1300 m in the Apuan Alps, from Savema company

Marble Arabescato Corchia.Marble Arabescato Corchia.

Name of the stone: Arabescato Corchia

Stone type: marble

Color: white

Quarry location: Arabescato Corchia is extracted from the quarries of Monte Corchia managed by Cooperativa Condomini Levigliani.

Description of the stone: A marble with a white fine-grained background with veins arranged in the so-called “ovulated“ structure. The background may vary from milky white to ivory white, and the veins from gray-blue to gray-green.

Marble Arabescato Corchia.Marble Arabescato Corchia.

Peculiarities of the Stone: The elegant marble belongs to the “marmi brecciati“ (Breccia Marbles), a special stone type from the Apuan Alps. Nowadays, it is only extracted from an underground quarry at 1300 m above sea level in the Corchia mountain adjacent to the Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane. It has a long tradition of use in Italy and abroad.

Application: interior floors, walls and countertops, or for furniture, decoration objects or sculptures.

Finishes: polished

Marble Arabescato Corchia.

Company: Savema Spa company is located in Pietrasanta (LU), in the Carrara stone district. Founded in 1961 as a workshop for sculptures and art, it was re-oriented towards industrial production in the 1970ies, driven by the strong rise in consumption of marble and granite in the world. Today, the family business it is led by the third generation. It has a fabrication area of approximately 65,000 m2 and an annual turnover of about 30 million. The company focusses on iconic projects in the most important cities in the world. The aim is to provide technical solutions for the most ambitious application of stone in architecture and interior design

Contact: Via Aurelia Sud, 24 – 55045 Pietrasanta (LU) – Italy
Phone +39 0584 79441

Photos: Savema Spa

Marble Arabescato Corchi: quarry entrance.

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