ARABESCATO CERVAIOLE, a white marble from the famous quarries at Monte Altissimo in the Apuan Alps, from Henraux company

Marble Arabescato Cervaiole. Photos: Henraux Marble Arabescato Cervaiole.

Name of the stone: Arabescato Cervaiole

Stone type: marble

Color: white with gray veins or yellowish spots

Quarry location: at Monte Altissimo in the Apuan Alps above Seravezza municipality in 1150 m height.

Description of the stone: A marble with an ivory-white background and veins arranged in the so-called “ovulated“ structure with dimensions that range from a few centimeters to meters.

Marble Arabescato Cervaiole.Marble Arabescato Cervaiole.

Peculiarities of the Stone: The marble belongs to the “marmi brecciati“ (Breccia Marbles), a special stone type from the Apuan Alps. It has been used for centuries due to its striking elegance. A compact material, with low surface porosity.

Application: mainly in interior architecture, kitchen, bathroom, sculptures, product design (furniture), for architectural elements like columns, etc

Finishes: polished

Marble Arabescato Cervaiole, Premio Henraux 2016: <a href=""target="_blank">Daniele Guidugli, “Moby Dick (Vertebra)”</a>. Photo: Fondazione HenrauxMarble Arabescato Cervaiole, Marmomacc 2014, Design & Technology: <a href=""target="_blank">Raffaello Galiotto: “Carapace“</a>. Photo: Raffaello Galiotto

Company: Henraux is one of the most prestigious marble quarrying and processing companies in the world. Its founder was Jean Baptiste Alexandre Henraux, who traveled the countryside with Napoleon’s troops with the mission of finding marble for the planned monuments in France. A year after his inspection in the Apuan Alps, he returned there and founded the Henraux company on January 20, 1821, together with an Italian partner. As early as 1845, the company received its first major order, from the Tsar of Russia. Later, Auguste Rodin was also a frequent guest at the company’s Querceta headquarters. Michelangelo had also praised the quality of those marbles during his explorations in the area: the stone is “of uniform grain, homogeneous, crystalline and reminds of sugar.“ The mountain is “filled with marble until the Day of Judgment,“ he concluded.

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