Salone del Mobile 2023: our photo gallery gives an overview of how designers are currently using natural stone to design the stands and the furniture pieces

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Natural stone was a big theme at Salone del Mobile again this year (April 18 – 23, 2023). As usual, we found stone in a large variety of colors and textures on the furniture pieces – as before, “exotic“ materials seemed to be very popular. It should be noted that natural stone is often found as an accent on a piece of furniture or in combination with other materials.

This year it seemed to us that the designers experimented more than usual also with the shapes of the table tops.

We show some examples of objects that caught our eye.

Of course, this time there were again the large wall surfaces at the stands, which were entirely clad with stone. They served as an attraction to attract visitors – because an elaborate stand design with natural stone promises exclusivity and luxury for the objects inside, too.

Salone del Mobile 2024, April 16 – 21

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