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Art: Cello for the fountain

(September 2009) French stonemason builds a fountain with musical instrument made of stone


(September 2009) Video of the Month: Moving facade

Architecture: Stone Lego-block walls for climate control

(August 2009) Massive stone buildings afford numerous possibilities for sustainable, energy-saving construction

Fairs: staying in touch with design

(August 2009) Even in the years between the biennial Marmotec Stone Fair Carrara is mobilizing its assets

Architecture: Cobblestone black and white

(August 2009) Austrian town expounds its past in black and white stripes in market-place pavement

Markets: 50 percent. Minus

(August 2009) Spain is suffering serious negative growth in production / Brazil also affected

Markets: Showrooms thinking big

(August 2009) Brazilian company exhibits huge wall-mounted stone slabs

Art: Photo-realism in stone

(August 2009) Artist from Bali produces sculptures in Asian and animal motifs


(August 2009) Wire saws are looking toward innovative implementation in disassembly of old nuclear reactors

Markets: new opportunities for natural stone in the US real-estate market

(July 2009) According to a study by Harvard University on modernization of homes, energy conservation may create new demand

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