(Christmas-)Gifts 2018 for people who adore natural stone

Fili Pari: Design with „Veromarmo“.

Like in the years before, Stone-Ideas.com’s editors have collected some inspirations for presents from the wide culture of marble, granite & Co

„Wear Real Marble Stone“ is the motto of Italian Fili Pari designers. Alice Zantedeschi and Francesca Pievani have developed „Veromarmo“, a patented wearable microfilm made of marble powder and use it for their collection of stylish raincoats for ladies (see photo above). At the moment, they have 3 stones giving 3 colors: Rosso Verona (red), Nero Ebano (dark grey), Giallo Mori (yellow). The garments are produced by specialized Italian artisans. The items are available Europe-wide from the online shop. For delivery outside Europe contact the designers (1, 2).

Italian Salvatori company has developed a large variety of items for everyday life. They can be found under „accessoires“ in the Home Collection on the website.

StoneLabDesign is an Italian company with many household items made with stone.

Scandola Marmi is a Verona based company for simple but functional design objets made of stone. It has several marble collections and sells its products on the Wallpaper e-store (1, 2).

Crystal Christmas Decorations has Stonefish. They are hangers for the Christmas tree made of little pieces of quartz, amethyst and selenite with gold and silver leaf.

„Minimalist wallets“, cases for iPhones, Poker cards and more made of super-thin stone is what US-company Mikol has to offer.

For those who love (or need) statistical data, Dr. Carlo Montani has the new edition of his yearbook „XXIX Rapporto marmo e pietre nel mundo 2018 / XXIX Report Marble and Stones in the World 2018“.

„Marbles of Occitania“ sheds a light on the natural stones in Louis XIV’s palace in Versailles. The book has versions in English and French.

The book „Beyond Bending“ (ISBN 978-3-95553-390-8) gives all the details about the Armadillo Vault, a spectacular stone vault shown at the Architecture Biennale in Venice 2016. We had reported.

More ideas and inspirations can be found in our sections of Miscellaneous, Art, Design.

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