(Christmas-)Gifts 2017 for people who adore natural stone

Raffaello Galiotto: „Marmo 4.0“.

Like in the years before, Stone-Ideas.com’s editors have collected some inspirations for presents for the loved ones

The book „Marble 4.0“ gives an overview of Italian industry designer Raffaello Galiotto’s experimental works with natural stone during the last years. Most of them were exhibited at Marmomac in Hall 1. His spectacular forms which give the marble a new and contemporary expression bring together craftsmanship and CNC-technology in a groundbreaking way.
The book does not only show photos of the marvelous objects but also give detailed explanations of the product-ideas and the realization processes. One special aspect in many of the pieces is the prevention of waste: respecting the stone which is so much older than mankind and such a beautiful creation by nature on this planet is one of Galiotto’s guidelines.
„Marmo 4.0“, bilingual in English and Italian, 224 pages, Marsilio Editori, ISBN 978-88-317-2878-2
Available at Amazon Italia

Klemens Schillinger: „Substitute Phones”. Photo: Leonhard HilzensauerIn our 2014 gift collection, we had reported about Swiss artist Horst Bohnet who had crafted a cellular phone enabling users to save valuable time. That device, unfortunately, did prevent the user from touch-gestures which nowadays are most important in everyday life. Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger just came up with a solution: his „Substitute Phones” are fake gadgets with tiny marble spheres to enable a touchscreen-feeling.

Roxxlyn company crafts objects like briefcases for cell phones out of super thin natural stone. Available in the shop are also clocks with stone dials.

Johann Joachim Winckelmann, called „the prophet and hero of modern art history“, was born 200 years ago. One of his postulates was that Greek statues were the ultimate art. Many books have been published about his life.

„The Vanishing Stepwells of India“ is a book describing these stone constructions unique to India. Author Victoria Lautmann has the story and shows many photos.

Wallpepper: „Monochrome“-Kollektion.Italian Wallpepper company has astounding wallpapers of quarries and stones in its „Monochrome“ collection.
Murals Wallpaper is another producer.

Memory sticks easyly get lost even at home. Designer Eyal Burstein from Israel uses various objects to give the sticks a secure place, among them cobblestones.

Well-known stone company Salvatori from Italy made a pdf with little stone pieces suitable as Christmas gifts.
http://www.businessstone.com/pdfs/Salvatori Christmas gift ideas_EN2.pdf

Marble homeware made of Turkish stone has the Stoned webpage.

Horning Stone Design (HS).Candle Holders in the form of hearts are the newest product idea of Los Angeles based Horning Stone Design (HSD). They are available in different stones and sizes. A similar product idea is the combination of a candle holder with a diffuser. Horning Stone Design has its focus on a special kind of puzzles: geometrical arrangements of stone usable for planters or fireplaces.

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* Vallgatan http://www.vallgatan12.se/sv/search?q=marmor
* Peca, Caterina Moretti http://www.peca.com.mx
* Etsy https://www.etsy.com/

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