Side tables „Monterrey” by the Mexican design brand Peca: stable through marble

Peca: „Monterrey“.< The designer Caterina Moretti remains committed to natural stone in her new creations

Once again we visited the website of Caterina Moretti to see what the designer has brought to the market since our last report. At that time we had described her furniture and everyday objects where she had used Mexican lava stone. As a reminder, Caterina Moretti runs the Studio Peca in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This time we especially noticed the „Monterrey” tables. Their form is strictly geometrical – one feels a little reminded of the Bauhaus era and the Triadic Ballet by Oskar Schlemmer.

Peca: „Monterrey“.

What is particularly noteworthy for us about these side tables is that they are consistently designed with the materials in mind: the marble used is known to be heavy, so it is particularly suitable for ensuring the stability of the table. The designer has used white or black marble together with Tzalam wood. As usual, her creations are entirely handmade.

Peca: „Rima“.

„Rima” is the name of a travertine console. The description on the webpage is all designer poetry: „A flawless piece full of lyrical expression that will provide a creative solution to any space.”

Peca: „Rima“.

The bookmark „Pausa” is quite unusual: as the name suggests, it serves to put the book aside for a moment without turning the pages that have just been opened. There are three materials to choose from: onyx, brass and wood.

In addition to the tables with a lava stone top, which we presented last time, there is now an oval version and a side table.

Peca: „Rima“.

Finally the coasters „For Ángulo Cero”.

The design of the presented objects is by Caterina Moretti herself. For „Pausa” she worked together with Alejandra Carmona.


Photos: Peca

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