MENDIGER BASALTLAVA, a dark gray and bluish volcanic stone from the Eifel mountains near Cologne in Germany, known as a building material for centuries

Mendiger Basalt, honed.Mendiger Basalt, bushhammered.

Name of the stone: Mendiger Basaltlava

Stone type: Basalt (also: Basaltlava)

Color: dark gray and bluish

Quarry location: Mendig, Eifel mountains, Germany, near Cologne. Closely related is the Mayener Basalt from the same region with color shades slightly different from Mendiger.

Mendiger Basalt: Vattenfall Europe (Bewag), Berlin.

Description of the stone: Mendiger Basaltlava is one of the strongest and most weather-resistant rocks of all, yet it is relatively easy to work due to its porous structure. It has been one of the most popular building materials since the Roman times and gives every building an individual touch.

Mendiger Basalt: Meliá Hotel, Luxembourg.

Peculiarities of the stone: Basalt originates in volcanic processes when fervent and liquid magma comes to the surface and cools in the region around the burning mountain. The gases escape from the stone, leaving behind a network of pores. Through them, the basalt can absorb a lot of water, but it remains frost resistant.

Application: interior and exterior, also as slabs for ventilated façades. Other standard products are window sills, block steps, or floor slabs. The stone is found on many buildings throughout Europe, often as a dark pedestal at the foot of facades with bright marble, sandstone oder limestone. Mendiger Basalt was an export hit in the 18th and 19th centuries as millstone, providing livelihood for the whole region.

Finishes: sawn, honed, polished, bush-hammered, fluted, brushed, and more

Certifications: CE-Certification for façades, outside and inside flooring, massive cut-to-size stones, etc.

Frost resistant: Yes

Mendiger Basalt: gardening.Mendiger Basalt: product design.

Company: Since 1995, we from Mendiger Basalt company are the competent contact for natural stones from the Eifel mountains. The diversity of our product range, state-of-the-art quarrying and production facilities, and the know-how of our employees guarantee that you can continue to rely on us.

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