WEIBERNER TUFF, light gray and brown volcanic stone from the Eifel mountains near Cologne in Germany, a very light and very porous building material used since ancient times

Weiberner Tuff: fluted.Weiberner Tuff: charred.

Name of the stone: Weiberner Tuff

Stone type: tuff

Color: light gray and brown

Quarry location: Quarry location: Mendig, Eifel mountains, Germany, near Cologne

Description of the stone: Tuff is a porous stone and therefore light and easy to work. It originates from volcanic eruptions when hot magma is hurled into the air and cools after returning to the ground. In the Eifel mountains, the tuff layers around the former volcanoes may reach nearly 100 m thickness giving an idea how much material from inside the Earth the geological forces bring up.

Weiberner Tuff: Geyser Museum, Andernach (left part of the building: Mendiger Basalt).Weiberner Tuff: Geyser Museum, Andernach.

Peculiarities of the stone: Weiberner has been a well-known building material for centuries. The latest innovation from Mendiger Basalt company is Tuffkania: tuff ashlars which can be composed (with or without mortar) to walls for gardening or landscaping. Apart from custom-made dimensions, the standard sizes are 50 x 20 x 15 cm and 25 x 20 x 15 cm with 2 or 3 sides split.

Application: interior and exterior, building and gardening

Finishes: sawn, polished, bush-hammered, fluted, brushed and more.


Frost resistant: Yes

Weiberner Tuff: product design (Design: Anton Graf Architekt).

Company: Since 1995, we from Mendiger Basalt company are the competent contact for natural stones from the Eifel mountains. The diversity of our product range, state-of-the-art quarrying and production facilities, and the know-how of our employees guarantee that you can continue to rely on us.

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