New in our Stone Finder: calcitic marble HERMELIN, dark blue-grey with white veins, quarried north of the polar circle by Norwegian Fauske marble by Moser company

Hermelin marble from Fauske marble by Moser.

Name of the stone: Hermelin

Stone type: Calcitic marble

Color: Dark blue-grey with white veins, also available in a light grey variation.

Quarry location: Fauske, Norway, north of the polar circle.

Hermelin marble from Fauske marble by Moser.Hermelin marble from Fauske marble by Moser.Hermelin marble from Fauske marble by Moser.

Description of the stone: Classic blue-grey marble. Used on the floors of Oslo international airport Gardermoen, exterior cladding of ISS headquarters and furniture of Poul Kjærholm by Fritz Hansen and other historical buildings in Copenhagen and abroad.

Peculiarities of the stone: Hermelin is an unusual strong marble with low water absorption. At the same time, it is very durable.

Hermelin marble from Fauske marble by Moser.

Application: You can safely use it outside and inside, as flooring, wall cladding, and in decorative works. With minimal maintenance it will withstand wear and weather, retaining its natural beauty for generations.

Finishes: Polished, honed, rolled, brushed.

Frost resistant: Yes

Hermelin marble from Fauske marble by Moser.

Company: Fauske marble by Moser. When you choose Hermelin, you’re not just selecting a remarkable material, but also partnering with a team of dedicated experts. With four generations of experience in the field, our knowledgeable marble specialists are here to make your journey enjoyable and professional. You will find us open, honest, creative, and committed to your success. Fauske Marble by Moser provides Hermelin marble blocks directly from the quarry in Fauske, Norway.

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