Andrej Mitevski depicts his own experiences, feelings, thoughts, etc., inside a stone

Work by Andrej Mitevski.

The sculptor from Northern Macedonia does not so much want to create forms as emotions from the stone

“I play with the stone so that my inner world is represented,“ is how Northern Macedonian sculptor Andrej Mitevski outlines his approach to art. By his “inner world,“ he means experiences, feelings, thoughts, etc. Of course, he translates their images abstractly.

Often, as it were, he breaks a window through a block of stone and then adds its own life: lines, spheres, geometric structures, tangles, and much more. These structures are worked out meticulously and in detail, while the raw block around it remains in its massiveness.

Sometimes he has this raw view but also (partly) dissolved, so that the experiences, feelings, thoughts, etc. burst out beyond the frame.

Work by Andrej Mitevski.Work by Andrej Mitevski.Work by Andrej Mitevski.

He uses stone as a material “to carefully use and show the beauty and also the fragility of life,“ he summarizes. He sees the duality addressed here everywhere in human existence and in the world, including in stone.

In addition, his approach to art is also that of the philosopher. He is so taken with the stones because they “contain strength, beauty and above all, time,“ he writes.

Work by Andrej Mitevski.Work by Andrej Mitevski.

The temporal is reflected not only in the millions of years that the stones have on the hump, but in the thousands of years during which mankind has built their temples, houses, or cultural sites. Against this background, he stacks his work low: “So I am just doing what others before me did.“

But then he mentions an important difference: his works have a private and intimate reference, while the great works of his predecessors were meant to be global.

Andrej Mitevski graduated from an art school in Skopje, the capital of Northern Macedonia. His Facebook page still mentions academies in Finland and India that he attended. “I have been traveling around the world since 1999,“ he writes.

He has been a guest at many sculpture symposia. He is married to Nadica Zlatkova Mitevska

Andrej Mitevski

Photos: Andrej Mitevski

Work by Andrej Mitevski.Work by Andrej Mitevski.Andrej Mitevski.

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